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May 5 — Luke's Day. onion day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

5 May according to signs, the weather for autumn was determined. According to tradition, onions were planted on the beds on this day. In the folk calendar, the date received the following names: Luke, Vitaly, Fedor, Onion Day, Thicket round dances.

In the old days, it was believed that onions fill the body with energy, give a person courage and strength. Therefore, it was often added to dishes by a warrior. They also firmly believed that the specific smell of onions drives away ailments, evil spirits and protects against them. During the epidemic, tight bundles of onions were hung in every house.

The lazy time of May continued: the girls danced and had fun with various games, but not only they wanted to have fun: the evil spirits also wanted to have fun and harm the entire human race. The witches laid a canvas on the dew-covered grass and danced their round dances on it. By this time, according to popular belief, the devils were already pregnant.

If a simple woman wanted to get rid of infertility, then she tried the following unsafe method. It was necessary to go to a forest clearing, over which spring warm steam rises, seeing the witches, undress and quietly stand on the canvas in a round dance. A shred should be torn off from the trampled canvas, and when you come home, wipe yourself with it, according to popular belief, this promised an early pregnancy.

True, many believed that if a woman nevertheless fell into a witches’ round dance, then the sorceresses would throw their witches into her womb, and the sufferer herself would forever remain in submission to the evil spirits.

Folk omens for May 5

  • The moon on the night of May 5 rises early in the sky — there will be early frosts, and, according to signs, it is best to sow early onion sets
  • With the waning moon with crops, it is better to wait
  • You should not go into the forest alone on this day, because the evil spirits on May 5 lead devilish round dances and can take them away
  • If the cuckoo cuckles loudly and for a long time on Luke’s day, the weather will be good in the coming days.
  • Thunderstorm on this day — there will be a rich harvest
  • Clear weather in the morning — a sign that planting can be carried out Frosts are observed — another 40 morning frosts will damage the fields
Today is the name day of Vitaly, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Clement, Theodore, Dmitry

May 5 — Commemoration of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke

5 MayThe Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke, a native of Syrian Antioch, an apostle from the 70, an associate of the holy Apostle Paul, a physician from an enlightened Greek milieu. Having heard about Christ, Luke arrived in Palestine and there he warmly accepted the saving teaching from the Lord Himself. Among the 70 disciples, Saint Luke was sent by the Lord for the first sermon on the Kingdom of Heaven during the life of the Savior on earth. After the Resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Saints Luke and Cleopas, who were on their way to Emmaus.

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The Apostle Luke took part in the second missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, and since then they have been inseparable. When all the co-workers left Saint Paul, the Apostle Luke continued to share with him all the difficulties of the evangelistic achievement. After the martyrdom of the supreme apostles, Saint Luke left Rome and preached through Achaia, Libya, Egypt and Thebais. In the city of Thebes, he martyred his earthly path.

Also on this day, May 5, celebrate:

  • Krasnaya Gorka (Fomino Sunday)
  • Ramadan
  • International Princess Day
  • world communication day
  • World Laughter Day
  • International Midwives Day
  • Diver’s Day
  • Soviet Press Day
  • International Day for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • haiku day
  • Europe Day in the Council of Europe
  • May 5 — Day of the cryptographer (Day of the creation of the cryptographic service of the Russian Federation)
  • Memorial Day of St. Theodore Sykeot, Bishop of Anastasiupol
  • World Pulmonary Hypertension Day (World PH Day)
  • Day of Kuban journalism
  • International Day of Orphaned Mothers (International Bereaved Mother`s Day
  • Children’s Day — Tonga
  • Senior Citizens Day — Palau
  • May 5 — National Hoagie Day — USA
  • Spring Welcome Festival – Türkiye
  • Parrot Festival — France
  • Fifth day of May — Mexico
  • Arbor Day — Dominican Republic
  • Children’s Day — Japan, South Korea
  • May 5 — Blessing of the Bicycles Day — USA
  • Mother’s Day — Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Hungary
  • Day Against Violence and Racism — Austria
  • May 5 — Coronation Day — Thailand
  • Constitution Day — Kyrgyzstan
  • Liberation Day — Denmark, the Netherlands
  • May 5 — National Cartoonists Day — USA
  • Indian Arrival Day — Guyana
  • Press Day — Belarus
  • May 5 — Martyrs’ Day — Albania
  • Patriots Day — Ethiopia
  • National Enchilada Day — USA
  • May 5 — Day of the May uprising of the Czech people — Czech Republic
  • Cultural Day of the Portuguese Speaking Countries
  • Lukin’s day

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