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May 7 — Evseev's day, Evsey. A person born on this day is able to fight evil forces

CrimeaPRESS reports:

May 7 our ancestors not only engaged in sowing, but also celebrated the holiday of Proletye — the onset of summer, and the irrevocable departure of winter. Various rituals were carried out to help finally awaken the earth from hibernation and bring strength and health to the peasants.

They said: «Yevsey came — on this day, weed out the oats.» It was believed that after May 7 frosts could come at night. If a person was born on May 7, then it was believed that he may have abilities that help fight evil forces. Observed nature and analyzed various phenomena. And a lot of interesting things happened around, because it was during this period that maples, poplars, birches bloomed.

The ancient Slavs glorified the Mother of all gods — Maya Goldilocks. In her honor, a sacred fire was lit, symbolizing the departure of winter, the return of summer days and the rotation of the Solstice. Plowing ceremonies were held, which promoted health and attracted good luck.

Buffoon games, songs, dances, round dances and other amusements were widespread. On May 7, people played various musical instruments — pipes, flutes, kugikls, drums.

It was believed that this day is good for divination. Therefore, in the evening, the girls told fortunes about their betrothed and their fate. Fortune-telling on wheat grains was common. The girl made a wish and took some wheat in her left palm. Then she poured the grains on the table and counted them. If the number is even, then the wish will come true.

The very day of May 7 was called differently by the people: Evsey, Evseev’s day, Stratilat, Savva, Elizabeth the Wonderworker, etc.
Ancestors believed that at the end of the first week of the last spring month, a maeta attacks a person. And you need to pray to St. Elizabeth on May 7 in order to get rid of this scourge.

May 7: signs and beliefs

  • If the birch has blossomed or winged ants have appeared, then it’s time to sow oats.
  • If fluff flies from the vine and willow, then the time has come to sow late oats.
  • A lot of mosquitoes on this day is a good sign. The harvest of oats will be rich.
  • If rye is sown in the rain, the weeds will torment.
  • If the dawn is yellow in the evening, then do not expect rain.
  • Around the stars, black or white corollas — to the rain.
  • The rays of the sun darken — to a thunderstorm.
  • Low clouds hung over the horizon, the edges of which have a clear outline — to a strong thunderstorm and gusty wind.
  • A strong ovary of nuts, large buds on aspen, a harvest of morels — to the harvest of millet.
  • An unlucky day.
  • Dreams from May 6 to 7 will not come true soon. You can’t tell anyone about them.
Name day for Elizabeth, Leonty, Alexei, Sergei, Valentine, Nikolai

In the Orthodox church calendar, this is the date of honoring the memory of the martyr Eusebius of Nicomedia

May 7Very little is known about the holy martyr Eusebius. He was one of those people who were present at the torment of George the Victorious. Together with him, 40 more people saw the sufferings of the great martyr and his inflexibility. They all believed in Jesus Christ.

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At that time, the ruler of the Roman Empire was Diocletian, known for his cruelty towards Christians. He recognized only the cult of pagan gods. Eusebius and the others were arrested and thrown into prison. After some time, they were invited to offer sacrifices to the idols, as required by the decree issued by the ruler. They refused. For disobedience, they were subjected to cruel torture. The martyrs were beaten with red-hot iron rods until all the meat was peeled off and the bones were exposed. After that, they were executed — their heads were cut off. It happened in 303.

Also on this day, May 7, celebrate:

  • Radonitsa
  • Radio day
  • May 7 — Open Windows Day
  • Foundation Day of the Russian Armed Forces
  • Day of the Presidential Regiment
  • World Asthma Day
  • Memorial Day of St. Thomas the Syrian, Christ for the Holy Fool
  • Day of the Signalman and Specialist of the Radio Engineering Services of the Russian Navy
  • May 7 — Day of workers of penitentiary inspections of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation
  • Sea Man Day – Portugal
  • Spring Day — Scotland
  • May 7 — National Home Brew Day — USA
  • National Teacher Day — USA
  • Defender of the Fatherland Day – Kazakhstan
  • May 7 — Day of Enduring and Enduring Achievement (Akshaya Tritiya) — India
  • Seal Return Day — Lithuania
  • Communication Worker’s Day — Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
  • May 7 — Victory Day at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu — Vietnam
  • Roast Leg of Lamb Day — USA
  • National Packaging Design Day — USA
  • National Tourism Day — USA
  • Evseev’s day

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