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May 8 — Mark's day. The key keeper, they say, unlocks the sky …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The people on May 8 were called differently: Mark the key keeper, Mark’s day, a woman’s holiday, Bird starvation. But the meaning was the same — they honored St. Mark, whom our ancestors considered the lord of spring showers. It was said that he was a key-keeper who unlocked the sky and poured rain on the earth.

It was believed that if it “rains” in May for three days, then this year there will be a rich harvest. So Mark was begged to send heavy showers.

As for the weather signs for this day:

  • The cuckoo cuckoos on this day — there will be no more frosts.
  • Good weather and sun? To a plentiful harvest of spring crops.
  • A warm evening and a starry sky — to a plentiful harvest.
  • Clear weather — the summer will be hot.
  • High rainbow in the sky? For warm and clear weather. A low rainbow is a bad sign, portending great misfortune.
  • Three heavy rains in May — a lot of bread will be born.
  • Birds appeared in the garden and the garden — to a good harvest on trees and beds.
  • Cold and frequent rains — do not expect honey.
  • The birds sang on May 8 when it rains, the bad weather will soon end.
  • The greener the rainbow, the stronger the precipitation will be
  • Cumulus clouds in the morning, and stratus clouds are visible in the evening clouds — a thunderstorm will begin soon.
  • Birds fly to the hemp plant — there will be a rich hemp harvest.

Name days on May 8 are celebrated by: Vasily, Mark, Sergey.

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