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May, however … Crimeans' favorite summer dishes are okroshka and kebabs

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The real summer hits of Russian cuisine are okroshka and shish kebabs: it is them that Crimeans most often call their favorite seasonal dishes. SuperJob, a high-paying job search service, and X5 Club, the X5 Group loyalty program, talked about the city’s favorite summer dishes and their prices. Representatives of the economically active population took part in the survey.

Okroshka and kebabs have an almost equal number of admirers among Crimeans: traditional cold soup made with kvass or kefir is preferred by 4 out of 10 respondents, and 36% are connoisseurs of kebabs. But the beetroot was not among the favorites: only 16% chose it. Another 13% named other summer hits, including zucchini pancakes, vegetable salad with sour cream, cabbage soup with sorrel, berry pie and ice cream— noted in the press service of the service.

Okroshka is equally loved by both men and women, but barbecue is more of a male dish (39% versus 32% among women). Those who cannot imagine a summer without okroshka are more among the respondents over 45 years old (52%), while there are more connoisseurs of shish kebabs among respondents under 34 years old (48%).

According to X5 Club, the X5 Group loyalty program, marinated pork for May kebabs will cost Russians an average of 178 rubles per kilogram. Compared to last year, the cost has not changed much. More profitable than others, residents of the Leningrad Region can buy ready-made pork kebab — for 174 rubles / kilogram. In Moscow, ready-made pork skewers fell in price by 3% compared to the pre-holiday period last year and will cost residents of the capital 177 rubles. Lamb lovers will have to pay an average of 460 rubles per kilogram of meat this year, and it will cost the residents of the Leningrad Region the most — 527 rubles.

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Cooking at home another popular summer dish, okroshka, according to X5 Club analytics, will cost an average of 712 rubles for lovers of making it on kefir, and 728 rubles for those who prefer kvass. The figures are based on the preparation of a minimum of 4 servings of the dish.

Time: April 7-25, 2023

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