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Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds Crimeans: how to act when suspicious objects are found

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea reminds the procedure for detecting a suspicious object:

– it is strictly forbidden to touch, open, move or take any other actions with the discovered object;

— it is not recommended to use mobile phones and other means of radio communication near such an object;

– you must immediately report the discovery of a suspicious object to the police.

Public transport.

If you find a forgotten or abandoned item in public transport:
1. Interview people nearby. Try to determine whose it is and who could have left it.
2. If the owner is not identified, immediately report the find to the driver.

Front door.

If you find an unknown object in the entrance of your house: ask your neighbors, perhaps it belongs to them. If the owner is not identified, notify the police immediately.


If you find an unknown item in an institution:
1. immediately report the discovery to the administration or security;
2. record the time and place of discovery;
3. take measures to ensure that people move as far as possible from the suspicious object and the danger zone;
4. wait for the arrival of law enforcement officials, indicate the location of the suspicious object, the time and circumstances of its discovery;
5. don’t panic.

Report a possible bomb threat only to those who need to know about the incident.

It is also necessary to remember that the appearance of the item may hide its true purpose.

The following signs may indicate the presence of an explosive device, other dangerous objects:
— the presence of wires, small antennas, electrical tape, twine, rope, adhesive tape in the bag, or sticking out of the bag;
— noise from detected suspicious objects (packages, bags, etc.). This may be the ticking of a clock, clicks, etc.
— the presence of batteries (batteries) on the found suspicious object;
— streamers made of wire, ropes, twine, fishing line;
— unusual placement of the object;
— the presence of an object unusual for the area;
— a specific smell, unusual for the area.

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Ordinary bags, packages, bundles, boxes, toys, etc. can be used as camouflage for such devices

Be carefull. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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