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Morning accident in Dzhankoy: a pedestrian suddenly stepped onto the road

CrimeaPRESS reports:

And it’s all to blame … headphones.

This morning (at 8:50) an accident occurred in Dzhankoy, as a result of which a pedestrian was injured. The man is hospitalized.

A 34-year-old driver, driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 200, hit a pedestrian who was moving along the road in the same direction as the car was moving, after which he suddenly entered the carriageway. As a result of a traffic accident, a 38-year-old pedestrian was injured and was hospitalized— reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea.

A traffic police squad and an investigative task force worked at the scene.

In the course of clarifying the circumstances, it became known that the pedestrian, intending to cross the carriageway, outside the pedestrian crossing, being in headphones, was not convinced of his own safety— said the traffic police.

The State traffic inspectorate calls on pedestrians to be vigilant and reminds that it is necessary to cross the carriageway only at pedestrian crossings and only where it is clearly visible in both directions. In places where traffic is regulated by a traffic light, you should strictly follow its signals. Before starting to cross the roadway, participants need to put away their phones, take off their headphones and assess the traffic situation, and after making sure that they are safe, cross the road.

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