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Mountains, forest, bad weather, mud, impassability… And you can't imagine better training conditions for KRYM-SPAS

CrimeaPRESS reports:

KRYM-SPAS regularly conducts training sessions on conducting search and rescue operations in the mountain-forest zone of the peninsula.

The purpose of such training sessions is to improve the skills and professionalism of the rescuers of the State Institution of the Republic of Crimea «CRIMEA-SPAS» , — noted in the emergency department.

Горы, лес, непогода, грязь, бездорожье… А для «КРЫМ-СПАС» лучших условий для тренировок не придумаешь

The next training session on conducting search operations, as well as driving an off-road rescue vehicle, took place in the Kurlyuk-Bash tract, in the Kurlyuk-Su river valley.

During the training session, the rescuers worked out the methods of carrying out the RPS in rough terrain. In particular, transportation of a conditional victim with the help of special stretchers in difficult terrain. Also, the skills of working with rigging equipment and automobile winches were worked out when evacuating a car from heavily eroded soil in a mountainous forest area , — noted the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea.

Горы, лес, непогода, грязь, бездорожье… А для «КРЫМ-СПАС» лучших условий для тренировок не придумаешь

In addition, during the events, the employees of «KRYM-SPAS» worked out the interaction between the groups of rescuers. Particular attention was paid to safety regulations during search and rescue operations in rough terrain.

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