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Need to be on time? The Accounts Chamber is against the extension of the preferential mortgage program for new buildings

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The dispute over a mortgage between the construction and financial blocks in the government, experts NSP.Ru say, is reaching a new level:

According to Natalia Trunova, Auditor of the Accounts Chamber, it was preferential mortgages for housing in new buildings that led to a significant gap between prices for new buildings and «secondary». Therefore, “counter deals” are being hampered: many citizens can no longer afford to buy an apartment in a new building, having sold their old housing. According to Natalia Trunova, the affordable mortgage rate (without benefits) should be 7-8%.

According to NSP, in July there were half as many mortgage loans in St. Petersburg as, for example, in February. According to market participants interviewed by NSP, the dependence of developers on the cost of loans is growing: 10-90% of sales are carried out with the involvement of loans. Sales of new buildings, however, are falling: according to Rosreestr, they are also falling: in July, 10 DDU — 2.6 times less than in March. In addition, since the beginning of the year, the volume of overdue loans issued on the security of DDU has increased by %

It seems that the usual dispute between the building block (Ministry of Construction, DOM.RF, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin) and the financial one (Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, SP RF) is entering a new round. The termination of the state support program will lead to serious problems not only with new buildings, but also with employment, taxes, etc.

According to First Deputy Minister of Labor Olga Batalina, at least 40% of Russian families cannot take out a mortgage at all, even preferential: incomes do not allow. The recipes are well-known: the growth of incomes of the population, the increase in the volume of construction, the reduction of various extortions from developers (for roads, for social programs, etc.). But this is from the realm of non-science fiction.

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Source: NSP.Ru

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