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Not only the Zelenskys lost their property on the South Coast. What else did the State Council of Crimea nationalize today?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Enemies of Crimea and Russia are gradually losing their assets on the peninsula. How informed today Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, “a number of objects belonging to foreigners, citizens of the Russian Federation and affiliated organizations that commit unfriendly actions and terrorist acts against our country and our citizens are transferred into the ownership of the Republic«.

In the morning, it was known about the nationalization of the Zelensky family’s apartment in Livadia and the building in Simferopol, on Schmidt Street, which previously belonged to the “Mejlis” banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. The list got longer.

The list of property of foreign citizens and states that commit unfriendly actions against Russia, subject to nationalization, has been supplemented and specified by 57 items— said Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea.

Among the objects:

— Large wine production «Alef-Vinal-Crimea». The company operates with a staff of 500 people. The founder and owner is Vadim Vladimirovich Ermolaev, a citizen of Cyprus, actively supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is one of the 100 richest people in Ukraine.

— PJSC «UKSNAB». An enterprise with a staff of 500 operates in Krasnoperekopsk for the production of industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment. The beneficiary is the largest Ukrainian businessman Igor Humennoy.

— The second part of the Sky Plaza facility in Yalta (we are talking about retail space that is leased, beneficiary Arseniy Yatsenyuk).

— Objects related to green energy — solar panels owned by a group of different LLCs with the name «Solar». Proceeds went offshore to Cyprus. At the time of Crimea’s return to Russia, the Klyuev brothers’ Solar operated four complexes of solar power plants on the peninsula.

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— The current children’s camp «Cypress» in Alushta, which belongs to the Ukrainian enterprise «Tyazhavtotrans» in Dnepropetrovsk.

— The operating agricultural enterprise in the Leninsky district «Semisotka and Company», associated with the environment of the odious Ukrainian politician Arsen Avakov.

— JSC «Yalta Khladokombinat», the beneficiary is a US citizen Leon Zeldovich. The refrigeration plant does not function, but storage facilities are rented out.

— Trade networks, the building of the former «Furshet» in Simferopol, premises in Yalta. The beneficiary is a Ukrainian businessman, deputy of the Kyiv City Council Igor Balenko.

Among the nationalized objects there is also the apartment of the current leader of the criminal Ukrainian regime Zelensky— said Vladimir Konstantinov. — Of course, for him this is not a particularly noticeable loss. On the instructions of his masters, he killed about 400,000 citizens of Ukraine, «caroling» about 4 billion dollars into his pocket. So to speak — 10 thousand dollars for each sent to them for slaughter. Send another hundred or two — compensate for the loss of Crimean real estate.

The Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea confirmed the legitimacy of the decision of the Parliament of the Republic. This is not «nationalization», this is justice towards our enemies.

Crimean legislators cannot stop this cannon fodder business. But we can restore justice — sweep this and similar evil spirits from the territory of our peninsula. So that they don’t even have a theoretical chance to “grind their teeth” with the Crimean sand. Let them creak with something else and in other places. And they only care about Crimea under escort and in handcuffs, and the apartments are exclusively in prison cells.— summed up Vladimir Konstantinov.

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