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November 7 — Fedot's Day, Babi's Lamentations, Day of the Great October Revolution

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For many years in the Soviet Union, November 7 was the red day of the calendar. Weekend, festive, marked by a variety of events, including processions and mass festivities in the cities. For those who are in the know — remember those times, for those who are not particularly strong in history, we tell you: on November 7 (according to the new style) 1917 the Great October Socialist Revolution took place — a coup d’état, who changed the life of the whole country and turned it back, from the old system to the new. The Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace, overthrew the old government and laid the foundation for another state — the Soviet Union, which lasted more than 70 years. The Soviet people noted this moment. Wide and large.

As for pre-revolutionary times, the people called this day Babi’s laments or Grandfather’s laments. Elderly women, as well as specially hired mourners, went to the cemetery and wept («voted») for their dead loved ones, grieved for their untimely departure, recalled the life and good deeds of deceased relatives. In addition, every woman considered it her duty on this day to properly cry about her misfortunes, repent of sins, cleanse her soul with sincere sobs. It was believed that after that you can safely meet the winter with a pure soul and thoughts.

It was also necessary to help orphans and disadvantaged people. Children left without parents were taken care of by the whole village. In no case was it possible to deceive an orphan or steal something from such a child — this was considered one of the worst sins.

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Signs of the day:

  • On November 7, the earth itself is crying — it will definitely either snow or rain that day.
  • Merchants are not allowed to go anywhere with goods — there will be no luck in business. In addition, they can’t eat bread — so that the whole year is “bread”.
  • If you stand in front of a candle on this day and ask deceased loved ones to help with advice, the solution to the problem will come already on the next day.
  • Women should not cry into the pillow — the feather remembers tears. The one who then lies on this pillow will pass on all the tears and sorrows. In addition, such a rash action could turn into nightmares for the hostess herself.
  • If after the commemoration there is food left in the cemetery, it should be distributed to the poor so that they pray for the deceased.
  • If an orphan girl makes a request to her dead mother on this day, she will definitely fulfill it.
  • If an orphan in this day will pray to God — heaven will surely hear this prayer.
  • If on November 7 you were asked for alms, but you did not give it, this bodes trouble.

Name days are celebrated today: Athanasius, Valery.

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