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Officially: The government did not support the idea of ​​deducting personal income tax when renting housing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Government of the Russian Federation, reports Interfax-Real Estate, sent a negative opinion to the State Duma on a bill proposing to include housing rent in the list of expenses, for which you can receive a social tax deduction for personal income tax. Review published in Parliament’s electronic database.

As reported, the draft law (N169649-8) was submitted to parliament at the end of July by a group of deputies from the Just Russia-For truth.» According to the document, the list of expenses for which, at the end of the year, citizens can receive a tax deduction, it was proposed to include expenses paid by the taxpayer in the tax period at their own expense under a residential lease agreement. At the same time, the lease agreement had to be registered, and the fact of payments was documented. It was proposed to leave the maximum amount of compensation for all social tax deductions at the current level — no more than thousand rubles per year . Now citizens can claim reimbursement of expenses for treatment, education, sports and recreation services, pension contributions, confirmation of qualifications.

According to the authors, the adoption of the law would help support citizens and generate new tax revenues by legalizing the residential rental market.

In its conclusion, the government notes that income from personal income tax forms a significant part of regional budgets, and the adoption of the document will lead to shortfalls in income. At the same time, the draft law does not define sources of compensation for shortfalls in income.

In view of the foregoing, the Government of the Russian Federation does not support the bill , the conclusion says.

Source: Interfax-Real Estate

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