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On May 10, the prices for vegetables in Simferopol are either “holiday” or “arrogant”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea Irina Mezavtsova today conducted an «unannounced» raid to check prices for vegetables in Simferopol. I was surprised. Especially against the backdrop of regular agricultural fairs, the «borscht set» today was … for the rich and promiscuous.

I would like to thank our dear caring residents of Crimea and, in particular, the capital, for informing about problematic retail facilities, the owners of which do not want to comply with the prices recommended by the Ministry of Industry , — wrote to VK Mezavtsov. — Went to some stores and NTOs to see if they were following the recommended prices. The situation was not very encouraging. With today’s morning prices at Privoz for the entire «borscht set» from 12 before 45 rub/kg, depending on the caliber and variety, vegetables of very dubious quality are sold at twice the price. Turnouts, passwords, numbers of trading places in the Privoz market, addresses of wholesalers with prices, addresses of shops were brought to the city administration once again. The NTO will take action to terminate the accommodation contract due to non-compliance with the recommended prices and the lust for social food.

Photo from the «compare and be surprised» series. May: potatoes — 047 and 77 rubles per kilo, carrots — 50, beet — 55 rub/kg.

10 мая цены на овощи в Симферополе то ли «праздничные», то ли «наглые» 10 мая цены на овощи в Симферополе то ли «праздничные», то ли «наглые»

May 7 (fair in Simferopol): potatoes — 10 — 40 rub . per 1 kg, cabbage and beets — , carrots — 21 rubles for kilo, well, a dozen eggs for 40 rubles.

10 мая цены на овощи в Симферополе то ли «праздничные», то ли «наглые» 10 мая цены на овощи в Симферополе то ли «праздничные», то ли «наглые»

«Markup» for 3 days from 05 up to 21 rubles for 1 kg of vegetables… isn’t it too brazen, huh?

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324812Photo from I. Mezavtsova’s VKontakte page.

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