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Only 24% of Crimeans know how to catch the festive mood before the New Year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Every second meets 2023 a year without a mood and does not hide it. Representatives of the economically active population took part in the survey of the SuperJob search service for high-paying jobs.

24% of Crimeans have a festive mood on the eve of the New Year. 16% imitate joy so as not to upset loved ones. Every second person is without a mood and does not try to hide it. Moreover, among men there are more of those who refuse to hide their feelings than among women. During the year, the ratio of citizens seeing off the old year with and without mood has practically not changed. The younger the respondents, the more among them those who rejoice at the coming holiday (19% among citizens older than 28 and 33% among young people up to 24 years old), — the press service of the service reported.

There are many annoying things in the pre-holiday bustle. Citizens share a recipe for creating a festive atmosphere: “In order to have a mood, it must be created! Decorate your home, buy a present (for yourself or someone else), put on New Year’s music or a movie, eat tangerines, finally!”

Time: 25-16 December 2022 year

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