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Onward to civilization? Citizens will be required to prepare project documents for private housing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Citizens, celebrate News, may oblige, during the independent construction of private houses, to prepare project documentation for them. Such an initiative was sent to the Ministry of Construction by the Russian Union of Builders. It is assumed that the market for individual housing construction (IZHS) will become more civilized, and the measure will simplify obtaining a mortgage for a construction site. However, for owners of small buildings in rural areas who do not have a high income, the initiative may become a burden, experts say.

On your own

In Russia, they want to introduce project documentation for private housing, which people, among other things, build on their own. Such an initiative was sent to the Ministry of Construction by the Russian Union of Builders (RCC). It is also assumed that it will be necessary to conduct a non-state examination of the project and independent construction supervision during the construction of individual houses. For these purposes, it will be possible to hire specialists. Izvestia sent a request to the department.

Now there are no clear rules of the game in the IZhS market, low-liquid objects, there is no control over construction, as well as requirements for the architectural appearance of new low-rise settlements, said Konstantin Porotsky, Chairman of the RCC Committee on Low-Rise Construction, Managing Partner of Omakulma Group.

The implementation of the proposed measures will make it possible to whitewash the market, reduce risks for banks and citizens, automate the issuance of mortgages, and attract the professional community to the individual housing construction market. It will also satisfy the need for suburban housing for more than 70% of the country’s population.he emphasized.

The measure can improve the quality of construction and make houses safer, said Darina Mullina, Deputy General Director of Kaskad Nedvizhimost. The availability of project documentation will allow more accurate planning and control of the process, and independent supervision and expertise will help prevent possible violations and defects, she explained.

Project documentation usually includes architectural plans, engineering calculations, foundation drawings, floor plans, and more. The cost of its preparation can start from several tens of thousands of rubles and increase depending on the complexity of the project.— said Darina Mullina.

The costs of people building houses on their own can increase significantly, said Natalya Vorontsova, director of the legal department of FGC Family. The development of a full-fledged individual project can amount to 5-10% of the total cost of its construction, said Anton Saukov, head of the suburban real estate center of the federal company Etazhi. According to him, it is necessary to create more plans for typical houses, the list should be gradually supplemented with more budget options, which will minimize design costs.

The initiative is good, it fits perfectly into the general concept of systematizing construction and creating standard solutions for individual housing construction, says Yulia Dymova, director of the Est-a-Tet secondary real estate sales office. The concept will ensure the uniformity of individual residential buildings and make the subject of the transaction transparent and understandable both for a potential buyer and for banks and insurance companies, she noted.

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According to her, when issuing a mortgage loan for individual housing construction, it is important that the product is liquid and understandable for insurance, the proposal will simplify the process of obtaining a mortgage for a construction site, Yulia Dymova added.

Industry Challenge

Improving the quality of individual housing under construction is a challenge facing the industry, resolving the issue will create a more understandable collateral for banks, said Alexander Yakubovsky, a member of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Utilities. At the same time, we are talking not only about cottages, but also, for example, about small buildings in rural areas, where the initiative can become a burden for citizens with low incomes, he noted.

It is necessary to expand the register of standard projects for individual residential buildings, including plans that are in demand in various climatic zones, including harsh ones, and for various construction budgetsthe deputy stressed.

It is necessary to clearly describe not only the volume of mandatory procedures, but also strictly regulate their cost and procedure, said Alexander Yakubovsky. It cannot be allowed to turn into an additional tax in favor of the construction industry, the parliamentarian added.

On the one hand, the measure will simplify the issue of lending for the purchase of individual residential buildings, on the other hand, it may lead to their rise in price due to additional costs associated with design, construction control and commissioning, said Anton Saukov.

Benefits from increased credit availability may be offset by higher construction costs for private homeshe noted.

However, those who want to save money and not order the construction of a house from a developer, with such mandatory requirements, will receive a guarantee that their housing will last a long time along with communications, said Maxim Lazovsky, owner of the construction company Dom Lazovsky. And it will not have to be demolished in a year, for example, due to a design error in the installation of the foundation, the developer added.

The initiative will be useful to all market participants — the state, banks, developers and end customers, he believes. For the state, the measure will increase control over the IZHS market, make it more transparent and easier to regulate, banks will be able to more accurately evaluate objects when issuing mortgage loans, and developers will expand their package of services and provide an opportunity for independent construction supervision and preparation of project documentation, Maxim Lazovsky added. .

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