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Opinion: an unequal exchange of prisoners can be a signal: do not take fascists prisoner

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The topic of prisoner exchange (read HERE and here) continued the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. And in an interesting way. On the one hand, he is dissatisfied with the «unequal» exchange, on the other hand, he accepts decisions made in the Ministry of Defense; on the one hand, he is unambiguously against handing over murderers, terrorists, war criminals to Kyiv; on the other hand…probably, Nazi Nazis will not be taken prisoner…who knows. Here is what Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel:

55 Extremely dissatisfied with yesterday’s exchange. Even the whole situation is incomprehensible to me. Whenever combat or tactical decisions were made, we, active participants in the special operation, were consulted. And here…

I understand that at the top in the Ministry of Defense and the FSB it is much more visible, but I believe that criminals recognized as terrorists cannot be exchanged for servicemen. I would understand if there was an equivalent exchange — a soldier for a soldier, an agent for an agent. We have a lot of prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whom you change at least a hundred to one, they will still remain.

We completed the exchange on Ukrainian terms. It is not right. Our fighters crushed the fascists in Mariupol, drove them into Azovstal, smoked them out of the basements, died, got wounded and shell-shocked. The transfer of even one of these Azov terrorists should have been unacceptable. And therefore, it is not surprising that the fighters who liberated Mariupol and are now on the front line draw their conclusion — do not take the Nazis prisoner.

By the way, those of the Natsiks who insulted the honor of the Chechen people, during their time in captivity, fully answered for each of their vile words, bitterly regretted and tearfully repented of their deeds.

I repeat, the above is my personal opinion, and it does not affect our main unshakable principle in any way: any order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief is executable!

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Sharp? But honestly.

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