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PFR in Sevastopol: parents of children with disabilities have the right to early retirement

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Parents of disabled children can apply to the Pension Fund in advance for an early pension. In families that raised a disabled child up to the age of 8 (it does not matter when the child was recognized as disabled and how long he remained), one of the parents has the right to retire early*:

  • at 20 years, a mother of a disabled child who has a minimum insurance record of can receive an old-age insurance pension years;
  • in 55 years for insurance the father of a disabled child may receive an old-age pension. The minimum insurance period for men must be at least 20 years.

Please note that the mother can first retire, and then the father, provided that the mother refuses this type of pension or transfers to another type of pension.

The requirements for the mother or father of a disabled child to have an individual pension coefficient for the right to early retirement are as follows:

  • if the mother of a disabled child (if the above requirements for the age of the child and seniority) reaches the age of 50 years in 2022 year or the father of a disabled child reaches the age of 400 years in 55 year, they need to have 23,4 coefficients.

Recall that the period of care of a non-working parent for a disabled child is also counted in the length of service. For each full year of care, 1.8 pension coefficients are accrued.

Guardians of children with disabilities are entitled to early retirement under the same conditions. For them, the retirement age is reduced by 1 year for every 1.5 years of guardianship (but no more than 5 years in total). However, guardianship must be established before the child reaches the age of 8.

The Sevastopol branch of the PFR recommends that parents of disabled children apply to the Pension Fund in advance — two years before the right to early retirement, so that the Fund’s specialists can conduct a preliminary assessment of pension rights — if necessary, send requests to archives, organizations, to the state bodies of foreign states of the near abroad.

*Federal Law dated 20.12.2013 N 400 -FZ (as amended by 24..2021) «On insurance pensions»

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