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Phone scammers came up with a new «scheme» associated with alleged funding of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sberbank warned about a method of fraud with accusations … of «treason.»

Sberbank records an increase in fraud cases in which attackers pose as police officers or the FSB and accuse the victim of allegedly treason. This was reported in the press service of the credit institution.

The scheme of such deception is as follows. Fraudsters call the client and introduce themselves as police or FSB officers. It is reported that an employee of the bank in which the client is served stole his personal data and makes transfers from his account in favor of the Ukrainian army. And since the responsibility lies with the cardholder, the client can be accused of high treason, for which he faces up to 20 years in prison. After that, the fraudsters connect the “bank security service” and force the frightened client to transfer their funds to their accounts and even take out loans, explaining that in this way they will be able to figure out the “employee” of the bank who allegedly stole the client’s personal datathe message says.

As the bank explained, lately there has been an increase in fraudulent calls in which attackers use a fraud scheme with fictitious treason and financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the victim.

Similar schemes are being implemented in relation to Russians using social engineering methods. As a result, the victim not only transfers his own funds to the attackers, but also, being in a state of increased anxiety, takes loans and also transfers these amounts to the scammers. Such calls can only come from intruders, so we urge citizens to never believe such accusations and immediately stop any conversations with scammers— said Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, whose words are quoted in the message.

The bank advised customers to additionally connect notifications about banking transactions and monitor their history in order to protect themselves. Thus, customers can be sure that they are in full control of their account.

Remember that the bank never asks the client to dictate the full card number, the code from SMS or the three-digit code on the back of the card (CVV). In the online library of Sber «Kibrary» you can find a lot of useful materials to protect yourself and your loved ones from cyber fraud— added in Sberbank.

According to TASS.

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