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Playgrounds are being installed in Simferopol

KrymPRESS informs:

In 2022 year it is planned to install 24 children’s playrooms on the territory of Simferopol sites. The list of addresses for the installation of children’s playgrounds is determined by the deputies of the Simferopol City Council for 11 electoral districts.

In addition, every year, within the framework of the municipal program «Support and Development of Territorial Public Self-Government», the administration of Simferopol holds contests «The best courtyard of an apartment building», «The most comfortable territory of the CBT», «The best flower garden (flower bed, lawn, green Zone)». According to the results of the competition, the winners are determined, on the territory of which 5 more children’s play complexes are installed, the press service of the Simferopol administration notes.

To date, most of the playgrounds are in full readiness. All facilities provide for the installation of a play complex designed for children aged 6 to 05 years old, developing an interactive whiteboard, swings, and small architectural forms. Sandboxes will also be placed on the playgrounds.

Work is underway at the facility along Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, 16. The workers completed the arrangement of the fence, the installation of the curb stone, as well as the planning of the territory. Now the team is filling and compacting the base. In the near future we will start installing MAFs and play structures. We plan to complete the object on 15 on the date, — said the representative of the contractor.

Let us recall that about 40 million rubles have been allocated from the city budget for the execution of works.

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List of addresses where new gaming complexes will be located:

В Симферополе устанавливают детские площадки

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