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Plein air «Partisan trails» announced in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, during the May holidays, there will be a plein air «Partisan paths», timed to coincide with the celebration of Victory Day. On May 9, plein air artists will conduct a creative tour of the historical places of concentration of partisan detachments. This was announced by Ekaterina Samokhina, Information Specialist of the Scientific Speleo-Palaeontological Complex «Cave of Taurida» of the Crimean Federal University. The work of ten artists is planned in several locations: in the vicinity of the Dolgorukovskaya Yayla mountain range, the Zuyskiye forests and the memorial complex «The Mound of Glory», established in honor of the partisans who heroically fought against the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

Plein air painting is painting in the open air. This technique is quite complicated, because during the day not only the light changes for the artist, but the landscape is replenished with new shades. For example, while the sun is shining, some colors will prevail, as soon as it disappears, the brightness of the tone also disappears. This is the third plein air organized by the Crimean Federal University within the framework of an agreement between the Russian Geographical Society and the Crimean branch of the Union of Artists of Russia— the press service of the university quotes an information specialist of the Scientific Speleo-Paleontological Complex «Tavrida Cave»

Crimean Federal University Ekaterina Samokhina.

The paintings of the artists will be presented at a joint exposition in the exhibition hall of the Taurida Cave complex.

Recall that the Scientific Speleo-Palaeontological Complex “Tavrida Cave” was created at the Crimean Federal University as part of the program of strategic academic leadership “Priority 2030”.

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source: KFU press service

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