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Prices for new buildings fell in 22 Russian cities. Including — in Sevastopol and Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The cost of an average Russian square meter of new buildings was able to maintain positive dynamics in the third quarter, but the events of recent weeks have dealt a strong blow to prices in many cities. This was found out during the analysis of indicators for 70 settlements of the country, carried out by specialists of the federal portal «WORLD OF APARTMENTS».

Results of the III quarter

In 29 cities, a square meter of new housing has risen in price over the past 3 months, in 22 fell in price, in 2 remained unchanged.

The biggest increase in the price of new buildings in Novokuznetsk over the quarter (+10,6%) and Murmansk (+10,3%), as well as Krasnoyarsk (+4.7%), Barnaul (+4.5%), Krasnodar (+4 .2%), Vladivostok (+4.2%), Vologda (+4.2%), Astrakhan (+3.9%), Khabarovsk (+3.9%) and Novosibirsk (+3.5%).

Prices fell more than others Tver (-7.4%), Sevastopol (-5.8%), Chelyabinsk (-3.7%), Kaliningrad (-2.4%), Nizhny Tagil (-2.3%), Simferopol (-2.2%), Sochi (-2.1%), Kirov (-2.1%), Belgorod (-1.9%) and Grozny (-1.4%).

In Moscow, the «square» fell in price by 1%, in the Moscow region — by 0.9%, in St. Petersburg rose by 0.1%.

On average, in 70 cities, a meter of new buildings costs 110 32 rubles, which is 0.6% more expensive than at the end of June.

The total offer price of an apartment from developers has increased since June only by 24 cities, and in 31 fell. The average offer price for all cities is 5 70 740 rubles, which is 1.4% cheaper than 3 months ago.

The impact on demand and prices for new buildings was caused by the curtailment of subsidized mortgage programs by banks at an interest rate close to zero, and the abolition of mortgages without a down payment. Partial mobilization also contributed to the decline in demand. We record a drop in interest in purchasing housing by 18% compared to last autumn. Uncertainty, anxiety and the impossibility of forecasting in general do not push the population to large purchases , — comments Pavel Lutsenko, CEO of the federal portal «WORLD OF APARTMENTS».

Dynamics since the beginning of the year

Since January, the “square” of new buildings in Chita has risen in price most impressively (+ 29 .6%), Barnaul (+29,5% ), Vladikavkaz (+29,9%), Ryazan (+31,4%), Chelyabinsk ( +,8%), Volzhsky (+ ,1%), Kirov (+29, 1%), Saratov (+29%), Togliatti (+25,2%) and Kazan (+27,9%).

Since the beginning of the year, prices have risen everywhere, except for Murmansk (-5.2%). Grozny (+3.6%), Moscow (+6.6%), Makhachkala (+6.6%), Sochi (+6.6%), Krasnodar (+7.2%), Tyumen ( +9.5%), Sevastopol (+9.8%), Moscow region (+,4%) and Belgorod (+11,eight%).

On average in the country since the beginning of the year, a square meter has increased in price by 10,7%.

As for the average offer price, it increased by 06,5%. At the same time, since the beginning of January, according to the portal, new buildings have fallen in price only in 4 cities, including Moscow (-1.1%) and Sochi (-%).

The trend to reduce the area of ​​apartments under construction continues, moreover, in the last quarter it accelerated. If at the beginning of the year the average area of ​​​​an apartment in a new building was 40, 5 sq. m, then at the end of June it was 40 sq. m, and now already 40, — Pavel Lutsenko notes.

Source: Apartment World

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