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Production of monuments in the Crimea: what you need to know and how to make a choice

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The most difficult moment in the manufacture of tombstones is that it is often necessary to combine the incompatible: to meet a certain (often rather limited) budget, but at the same time solve the problem, if not for centuries, then for a long time for sure. Yes, of course, today the range of such services is quite wide. But this is the rub — to make the right choice of both the executing company and, in fact, the monument itself (or a tomb complex with many elements), with a rich selection of proposals, can be very difficult. But the result clearly depends on the right steps. And here it is for sure — a mistake can be costly. Wrong material, wrong shape of the tombstone, the portrait is drawn poorly, the font of the inscriptions “walks”… — what misunderstandings do not happen when you encounter non-professionals of such a delicate matter.

What to do? Right choice. How? Take into account as much as possible all the details that accompany the solution of this issue. In the workshop «Granite 82”, whose specialization is production of monuments in the Crimea — confirm: of course, there are many nuances here. However, there are fundamental points that should be emphasized.

Material for a tombstone

I must say that in recent years, the cemetery territories have changed. No matter how it sounds, the “design idea” got here too. Moreover, she touched not only on the style solutions of tombstone complexes, but also on the materials used in their manufacture. Now it is not only a traditional stone. It is also glass, and wood, and metal. Often such «works» really look impressive. As of the «here and now», and subject to careful care.

But… The cemetery is the place where eternity lives. And she is a very conservative lady. Alas, not all materials that a person uses pass its strength tests. The exception is the stone already mentioned above. Specifically, granite and marble. Gravestones of such a plan, as practice shows, «to spite all the winds» are able to «serve the service» for more than a decade. Of course, if the material was originally good, but it was processed by masters of their craft.

Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

workshop «Granite08»

Which stone is preferred? Each of them has its own advantages:

  • Granite


    This stone is truly durable. He is not afraid of mechanical damage.

  • is easy to care for. Dirt can be removed simply with a damp cloth.

    endures any atmospheric influences (rain, snow, heat).

    a noble color palette (red, brown, black), while over time the «colors» do not lose their saturation.

  • can be given almost any shape.
  • Cons … Of course, they also exist, but in comparison with the pluses, they are negligible. Namely:

    • granite is a heavy stone.
    • structurally, it is such that it is rather difficult to work with it if there is a need to create very small details.
  • Marble
  • Pros:

      beautiful, because it has several shades: white, pink, pink-striped, gray-striped.

    • is easy to process. Masters note its softness and suppleness.

      marble can be used to make quite small details, because its structure is very dense and uniform.


      it is less durable than granite.

      afraid of strong temperature changes;

    • in order for it to be in order, you will have to make a little more effort than in caring for granite. Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

      However, these disadvantages are more than compensated… in the truest sense of the word… by the fact that marble is cheaper than granite. With all its beauty and ability to process (which means there is an opportunity to create a truly unique composition), this, you see, is a huge plus.

      What material to create a grave tombstone to choose? Here the main recommendation is not only to proceed from the budget, but to seek advice from the masters. Much depends on where the monument will be installed, what shape it will be, what should be depicted on it, etc.

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

      workshop «Granite»»

    • And, of course, it is worth remembering that marble is different from marble, since not all granite is worthy of attention. The origin of the material is important. So, the advice is to cooperate with companies that, while making monuments, cooperate directly with quarries, and are not resellers.

      So, we work directly with quarries in Karelia. Such advantages allow us to provide high-quality granite products at affordable prices and in a wide range of finished products. Before the necessary material for a monument (marble or granite) goes into production, it undergoes a thorough inspection by our craftsmen to detect defects, so we are confident in the quality of our monuments , — the specialists of the Granit workshop voice their algorithm of work ″.


      Granite Workshop»

    • Design of the monument

      And again, when you come to a modern city cemetery, you are amazed — the variety of design solutions is amazing. It would seem a mournful place — conciseness should be a priority. But no, the phrase «who is in what much» fits perfectly here. And it would be fine! Love for the dead knows no bounds, and can be expressed in any way, probably. But there is a warning here: even the most luxurious monument in the project does not always look like this in reality. “It was smooth on paper…”, as they say.

      Therefore, experts recommend the following:

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

      if you are thinking of some daunting project, then do not skimp on the performers. These must be high-class masters. Experience matters! See portfolio of works;

    • not it always makes sense to do «expensive, rich, super stylish.» Often such complexes in cemeteries simply do not look appropriate. Well, it’s not a vanity fair here, the right word …

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор At the same time, however, let’s say: modern masters who make monuments can really create masterpieces. Provided, of course, that you seek help from experts, not artisans.

      In general, today «in use» in terms of the main forms of monuments, such design solutions:

      rectangular vertical. An ideal option when conciseness and rigor are put at the forefront. Besides:

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор The vertical shape of the tombstone is allowed by all religions and denominations without exception, and the simple laconic form makes it easy to pick up a fence and additional design elements , — say the masters of «Granite 12

      double monuments. Family, as they are also called. Often such tombstones are created for the graves of spouses. Here we also note that “family monuments” can be very large when they are installed on burial places in which several members of the same family, relatives, etc. are buried. Such tombstones can be of different shapes.

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

      Granite workshop202″

      small tombstones. This kind of monuments are most often installed on the graves of children. However, recently such conciseness has become more and more in demand in principle.

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор A small finished monument will also be a solution for a modest budget. A neat marble slab or granite tombstone, even a small one, is a worthy decoration of the grave of the deceased, a tribute to memory and respect. Despite their small size, the monuments can also be decorated with decoration, carvings, photoceramics and other available means , — explain in the workshop «Granite 82».

      combined. The most common type of monuments in cases where the task is to create a tomb complex — with different details, but in the same style.

      Religion has something to do with it…

      And this is a very important point. The bottom line is that, for example, Muslim monuments must be made according to certain canons. And not all workshops are aware of such nuances. If there is such a request, look for specialists who know both the theory of the issue and practice!

      The same statement applies to burials of other faiths. Good advice here will definitely be appropriate.

      Artistic decoration of monuments

      You may be surprised, but there are even more nuances in this matter. There are rules, of course, but there are fewer restrictions than in the points mentioned above.

      When decorating monuments, the following are most often taken into account:

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

    • age of the deceased;

      profession and occupation;


      lifetime hobbies, etc.

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор

      Granite Workshop202″

    • But there are, of course, classical solutions:

      Изготовление памятников в Крыму: что нужно знать и как сделать выбор The most common design options: flowers, birds and angels, crosses, cathedrals, other religious symbols, images of saints , say in the workshop «Granite 82.

      And yes: epitaphs are a separate issue. It is in the lines inscribed on the monument that the essence of the attitude of relatives towards the one who left is hidden. So what is written and how it is written is of great importance. There is a difference: will it be a template phrase or something special? What to do? Ask for help. In professional workshops that create monuments, this topic is given great attention. They will give an idea, prompt, bring it to life …


      In conclusion — the price of the issue. There is an opinion that today it is a very expensive «pleasure» to create and install a worthy monument. Let’s be honest, it’s not far from the truth. However, not everything is so clear. After all, this is a very delicate matter: a lot depends on the material used, the complexity of the work as such, etc. Therefore, the options for the ratio «price — quality» are the most diverse.

      But! The main thing to remember here is: the better the monument, the greater the guarantee that it is “forever”. This is the case when a miser can end up paying twice…

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