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Registration for the All-Russian competition «Big Change» has started

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The competition is the flagship project of the Russian movement of children and youth «Movement of the First».

Registration for the All-Russian competition «Big Change» has started. The project is co-organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The competition is part of the presidential platform «Russia — the Land of Opportunities».

For the first time this year, full-time semi-finals of the competition will be held on the challenges of the «Big Change». College students and high school students will simultaneously participate in them. The first stages of the «Big Change» are held remotely on the platform Participants will be able to take professional tests that will help them determine in which of the thematic areas to move on, as well as receive recommendations for personal development. In addition, case tasks will be solved remotely, which were developed specifically for the competition by partners — leading Russian companies, universities and public organizations.

The finals of the competition for schoolchildren will be held at the Artek International Children’s Center. The final among SPO students will be held in Nizhny Novgorod.

In addition to Russian schoolchildren, citizens of foreign countries aged 14 to 17 who are fluent in Russian, as well as Russian compatriots permanently residing outside the Russian Federation, will also be able to take part in the new season of Big Change. As a result, the winners of the international track from among school graduates will have the opportunity to study on a budgetary basis in Russian universities.

The winners of the «Big Break» among students in grades 5-7 (300 people) will be able to go on an educational «Dream Journey» by train from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

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150 people will become the winners of the «Big Break» among the students of the 10th grade. They will receive 1 million rubles for education and additional points to the portfolio of achievements upon admission to higher educational institutions. 600 winners of the competition will receive 200 thousand rubles for education. In addition, 150 students in grades 8-9 will receive 200,000 rubles for education and self-development, and 600 students will receive 100,000 rubles each.

The winners of the competition among graduate students of colleges will be 100 people. They will receive 1 million rubles each for education and self-development or the launch of a startup. 200 winners — 200 thousand rubles each. 100 winners among junior students — 200 thousand rubles each, 200 winners among junior students — 100 thousand rubles each.

The top 50 educational organizations that have trained the largest number of active participants in the Big Change will receive grants in the amount of 2 million rubles for the development of the educational environment.

Teachers-mentors who have trained the winners of the competition among high school students and students of secondary vocational education will receive 150,000 rubles each and the opportunity to complete an educational program from the Big Change partners. Teachers who trained the winners of the competition — 50 thousand rubles each. Teachers-mentors of the winners among schoolchildren in grades 5-7 will receive 100 thousand rubles each and will also be able to undergo advanced training.

Registration of participants of the All-Russian competition «Big Change» is open on platform until May 15, 2023.

According to the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

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