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Repair work on the bypass road — the Eastern Bypass of Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As we have already reported, until the end of the year there is a travel restriction in the area of ​​the Borodino ring on the bypass road — the Eastern bypass of Simferopol. What is being done there? As specified in the Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects, within the framework of the national project «Safe High-Quality Roads», construction and installation work is underway to repair an artificial road structure.

Ремонтные работы на объездной трассе – Восточном обходе Симферополя

The contracting organization YugStroyService LLC has already completed the repair of concrete surfaces of span structures, dedusting, moisturizing, continuous leveling of the edges of the beams, sandblasting and priming of the metal surfaces of embedded parts, repair of defective areas and repair of inter-beam joints.

Work has also been completed on the repair of the concrete surfaces of the body of the intermediate supports, crossbars and trusses, the repair of the metal surfaces of the bare reinforcement, the continuous alignment of the body of the supports , the Main Directorate noted. — Concrete surface painting and anti-vandal coating are planned to be carried out by road crew specialists after repair of the overhead structure of the overpass.

Ремонтные работы на объездной трассе – Восточном обходе Симферополя

Currently, work is underway on the upper part of the overpass, in connection with this, the movement of vehicles is partially limited, which will be carried out only on one lane in each direction.

Construction and installation work on the upper part of the bridge structure was scheduled for September, as earlier, during the active holiday season, traffic restrictions would lead to a difficult traffic situation and a high likelihood of traffic jams , — reported in the Main Directorate.


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Much attention is also paid to traffic safety rules at the facility. Temporary road signs were installed, traffic safety was organized and a temporary crossing was organized. At the moment, the dismantling of the old barrier fence is being carried out. In the course of all work at the facility, specialists will strengthen the damaged reinforced concrete structures and supports, replace sidewalk blocks and renew more than 268 linear meters of the pavement of artificial structures. All work is planned to be completed by the end of December this year. The cost of the work performed on the renovation of bridge structures is about 23 million rubles. Readiness for construction and installation works at the facility — 23%.

Ремонтные работы на объездной трассе – Восточном обходе Симферополя

This year, thanks to the national project «Safe High-Quality Roads» in Crimea, bridge structures, total length 471 running meter. 6 repair objects and 5 capital repair objects will be updated.

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