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Reporters from the American NBC channel visited Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

American NBC channel published a video report from the Crimean bridge and the territory of the peninsula.

The reporter traveled to Crimea by train (from Moscow) over the restored bridge, talked to the residents of Sevastopol, who told him that they were going to confront Ukrainian troops in case they tried to attack the peninsula.

This is our land. We’ll all put on our uniforms and go to the border to defend ourselves.— Praskovya Baranova, 73, told the TV channel.

She, according to NBC, speaks Russian and considers herself Russian.

A similar position is shared by 36-year-old Ruslan Nalgiyev:

Zelensky will not capture the peninsula. Even if there is a war here, we will still defend Sevastopol. Because if we do not defend our Motherland, we will become slaves.

The report notes that the Crimean bridge has already been fully restored. There were no problems for American reporters on the peninsula, the correspondents could move freely and talk with people.

For our taste, the “picture” in the report turned out to be a bit gloomy, the “synchronous” (fragments of the interview and vox-pop) were cut off, but the trend is encouraging: the United States wants to know the truth about Crimea.

Materials from NBC and TASS were used.

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