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Sberbank has already installed three dozen ATMs in Crimea. List and addresses

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sberbank installed 30 stationary ATMs in Crimea in February. This was reported by the press service of Sberbank.

30 stationary ATMs of Sberbank have been launched in Crimea. Among them are 14 devices in Sevastopol, 10 in Simferopol, 4 in Yalta and 2 in the village of Opolznevoe. ATMs are installed in locations that are most convenient and popular among residents and touriststhe message says.

Where exactly are Sberbank ATMs located in Crimea:


— st. Kuibysheva, 2, Shop «Apple»,

— st. Yuri Gagarin, 3, Shop «PUD»,

— st. Kechkemetskaya, 1, shop «Apple»,

— st. Embankment, 75, letter 3, shopping center «Gagarinsky»,

— st. Generala Vasilyeva, 44B, shop «PUD»,

— st. Heroes of Stalingrad, 3A, shop «Yabloko»,

— Kirova Ave., 36, Apple shop,

— Evpatoria highway, 8, shopping center «Meganom»,

— st. Kirova, 78, shopping center «Palace»,

— st. Sevastopolskaya, 62, shopping center «Centrum».


— st. Marshaka, 2, shop «PUD»,

— st. Kyiv, 6, shop «PUD»,

— st. Kyiv, 5, shop «PUD»,

— st. Bolshevik, 10, shop «Yabloko»,

— With. Opolzneve, st. Generala Ostryakova, 9, SKK «Mriya Resort&SPA».


— Ave. Generala Ostryakova, 260, SEC «Sea Mall»,

— Ave. October Revolution, 24, shopping center «Poseidon» (shop «Yabloko»),

— st. Senyavina, 1, shop «PUD»,

— Ave. Generala Ostryakova, 64, shopping center «Moskovsky» (shop «Yabloko»),

— st. Vakulenchuka, 2, TSUM shopping center (Yabloko store),

— Ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 27, Apelsin shopping center (Yabloko store),

— st., Gorpischenko, 61, shop «PUD»,

— st. Odessa, 29, shop «Yabloko»,

— st. Admiral Fadeev, 1A, shop «PUD»,

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— st. 6th Bastionnaya, 46, shop «PUD»,

— Nakhimova Ave. 3, CityMarket supermarket,

— st. Semipaltinskaya, 2B, Shop «Apple»,

— General Zakharov Square, 4, pharmacy,

— st., Vakulenchuk d. 20, Apple store.

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