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School graduates in Crimea this year will most often apply to faculties related to IT and medicine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Children began to say goodbye to school more often after the 9th grade and go to colleges and schools, 29% of parents said this — more than ever. At the same time, both university applicants and those entering secondary vocational schools most often choose professions in IT and medicine. Parents of graduates from the Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

54% of parents reported that their child intends to continue their studies at a university after graduation. The fact that the child is going to enter a secondary educational institution was reported by 29% of the respondents. 2% of parents spoke about the readiness of the child to go to work immediately after graduation— noted in the press service of the service.

Among university applicants, the most popular area in 2023 is information technology: 28% of respondents are going to “enter IT”. In second place is a doctor (14%), in third place is an engineer (13%). Children of 8% of respondents are preparing to enter the economist. 4% of parents each told about their child’s plans to become a lawyer, designer, architect and coach.

Those who enroll in secondary educational institutions also most often opt for IT specialties: every fourth respondent (26%) told about such intentions of their children. Every ninth (11%) child is going to study as a nurse, nurse or paramedic, 7% — as a lawyer, 5% each reported plans of children to study as a teacher, builder, auto mechanic and skilled worker.

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Time: April 10 — May 10, 2023

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