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September 16 — Vasilisa Day. Tidying up the house is a blessing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

16 September, our ancestors passed in hard work and household chores. Sheds, sheds, outbuildings were prepared for the cold, they put things in order in the hallway and in their own chests. Old and worn-out things were thrown away or burned, making room for new things. In the evenings, women sat down to do their traditional household chores: yarn, weaving, embroidery and other handicrafts. The girls spent the evenings at gatherings, together with the youth.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyr Basilissa, who suffered at the age of 9 for her faith in Christ under the emperor Diocletian. Until the 18th century, in the Russian Lives of the Saints, Vasssa or Vasilisa was called. Due to a denunciation, the saint was seized and brought to the perfect Alexander, who tried to persuade the girl to renounce her faith and worship pagan idols, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Then the perfect ordered Vasilisa to be subjected to terrible tortures: she was beaten in the face, stripped naked and hung upside down by her legs, burned with fire and fumigated with sulfuric smoke. and then thrown into a burning furnace. The martyr, having made the sign of the cross, emerged from the fire unharmed. Then they gave her to be eaten by wild animals, but they did not touch the saint. Subsequently, the perfect let the girl go, and he himself believed in Christ, spent the rest of his life in repentance. After the torture, Vasilissa went outside the city and, standing on a stone, prayed. At her request, a healing spring was made of stone, the water from which later healed many Christians. Near this stone, the martyr died peacefully. Bishop Anthony buried her.

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Signs of the day:

  • A warm day — by a long winter.
  • The day turned out to be foggy — field work will be easy and calm.
  • Fog on a new moon or a full moon — to clear weather.
  • After lunch it started to rain — bad weather will drag on for a long time.
  • Ants build large anthills — for a long winter.
  • Few berries and mushrooms — for crop failure next year.
  • If on this day the floors are washed with a decoction of heather, then evil spirits will recede from it.
  • Old things were prescribed to be burned behind the yard. And if you burn potato tops with them, then this will ensure well-being for the whole coming year.
  • Hang 16 September old shoes in the cattle room — protect animals from the evil eye and spoilage.
  • If you did not have time to get rid of unnecessary trash, happiness will bypass you.
  • Suitable, but unnecessary things should be distributed to the poor and the poor on this day.
  • If you hang small bast shoes (you can even souvenir ones) in the kitchen, then the hostess will be lucky all year.
  • 16 September is a good day for revealing deceptions. Therefore, be careful!
  • In order not to bring trouble on yourself, try not to look in the mirror on this day, or do it as little as possible.

Name days are celebrated today by: Nikolai, Ivan, Alexei, Sergey, Dominika, Vasilisa, Mikhail, Efim, Peter, Ilya.

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