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September 20 — Onion Day. Onions — from seven ailments

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why Bow Day? Because the peasants were finishing harvesting onions from their gardens. Plus, the church now honors the memory of the holy Apostle-Evangelist Luke.

As for the onion as such, this vegetable has always occupied a special place in Russian cuisine. Even in the hungriest years, a place for a head of onion was always on the peasant table. Onion is a favorite seasoning for soups, cabbage soup, okroshka, second courses, fillings for pies and pies. It was also revered as a medicinal plant. And, indeed, the benefits of this vegetable in the fight against colds and viral infections are invaluable to this day. “Onion is from seven ailments,” our ancestors said.

The bow was widely used in magic. For village healers, this vegetable was an invariable attribute when inducing and removing certain types of damage, making amulets, protecting against nightmares and treating insomnia.

Signs of the day:

  • White clouds in the sky — to bad weather.
  • Black clouds — to rain.
  • Cranes fly high and slowly — to rainy, rainy autumn.
  • Cones on Christmas trees grow low — to early frosts. If they grow high, frost will hit closer to the end of winter.
  • You can’t eat onions of a new crop before Onion Day, otherwise it will dry out in the bins.
  • A lot of husks on the bulb — for a frosty winter.
  • If you hang the bulbs in the corners of the house on this day, the air will be clean.
  • Eat onions today — get rid of torment (diseases).
  • If 20 September put on onion wreaths for pets, then they will not be all year get sick.
  • On this day, the girls prayed to St. Luke to send them long braids.
  • If before going to bed the last one to enter the house a man — the whole family will be spared from diseases for the whole year.
  • Borrowing and lending money and bread is a nuisance.
  • girls on this day cannot be given dolls — otherwise they will be barren in marriage.
  • Matchmaking on this day promises an unsuccessful outcome.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Nikolai, Alexander, Ivan, Lev, Evgeny, Mikhail, Stepan, Vasily, Makar, Grigory.

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