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September 23 — Day of Peter and Paul. Rowan is now sweeter than sweet

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The people 23 of September were also called: Pavel the Fieldfare. The reason is simple — it is believed that today the mountain ash becomes the sweetest of the year. Therefore, they tried to collect berries today. At the same time, it was certainly necessary to leave a little delicacy for the birds. People believed that small birds are the messengers of God on earth, or the souls of dead relatives, and they must be appeased!

By the way, ripe and sweet mountain ash has the strongest healing properties. It is used for insomnia, nervous and eye diseases. Decoctions and fruit drinks from ripe mountain ash relieve the condition of a cold. And clusters of mountain ash between window frames clean the air in the house from microbes. There is also a legend that such a reception helps to get rid of guests from the other world, inadvertently lost in the world of people.

Ritual dish on this day was rowan kvass — a very tasty and healthy drink!

The Church today venerates the memory of Saints Paul and Peter, Bishops of Nicaea. According to legend, they lived in the 9th century during the reign of King Leo the Isaver. Saint Peter always fought with the pagans, because of which he died a martyr’s death. It is known that Peter corresponded with St. Theodore. As for Paul, he preached in the territory of Nicaea, and there is no information about his life.

Signs of the day:

  • A lot of mountain ash in the forest — for rainy autumn and harsh winter. Few mountain ash — autumn will be dry, and winter will be late.
  • The mountain ash, collected on this day, protects against colds and evil spirits. It also cures headaches.
  • If on this day a sick person with a fever (or dementia) takes a rowan twig, draws a circle with it and stands in it, the disease will recede.
  • The berries were also put under the roof — so that the demon would not move in, and also — for happiness.
  • A sprig of rowan, placed on the table, brings happiness to the house.
  • Starting something on this day is a happy ending.
  • Those who set off on the road today can be calm: nothing will happen to them on the way!
  • 23 September, people have a particularly sharpened voice of the heart (intuition): what he says is right!
  • Those who were born on this day will live long. They will be hardworking and patient. In order for everything to be good in their life, they must wear a sapphire as a talisman.

Name days are celebrated today by: Peter, Gleb, Andrey, Nikolai, Clement, Konstantin, Gabriel, Ivan, Pavel, Evgeny.

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