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Sergey Aksyonov: interethnic unity in Crimea helps us move forward

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Peace and harmony is the key to the successful development of the Republic of Crimea.

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov in the program «Main Interview» on the air of the TV channel «Millet» assessed the level of interethnic relations in Crimea and spoke about the work of enterprises of the military-industrial complex. He noted that the unity of representatives of various nationalities and confessions is the key to the successful development of the Republic of Crimea.

Today, the clergy, public figures and ordinary citizens are united, and this is really important for preserving the traditions and memory of our common history. When the Crimean Tatar people remember their relatives and friends who did not return from deportation, Crimeans of other nationalities also participate in commemorative events with them. And in many ways, the fact that people, regardless of nationality, share each other’s grief is an indicator of our unity and what contributes to the preservation of interethnic harmony. This helps us move forward, achieve economic results.— said the Head of the Crimea.

Also, answering the questions of the presenter, Sergey Aksyonov spoke about the activities of the Crimean factories of the military-industrial complex. According to the Head of the Republic, military-industrial complex enterprises have a significant human resource and prospects for further development.

Over the past six months, our enterprises have tripled the volume of orders, including the state defense order. Enterprises are recruiting qualified employees, of whom there are actually many in Crimea. And it is important that young people enter the industry. Many guys also work in research centers — there are a number of laboratories that give really breakthrough results in various areas. Crimeans are persistent and purposeful people, they have a desire to work and support the Russian Crimea— explained Aksyonov.

He also commented on the possible offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The plans of the Kyiv regime cannot be underestimated. Now, in fact, we are at war with the Americans, practically with all of Europe, who are pumping up Ukraine with their weapons and mercenaries. Our decisions must be confident, bold in the name of saving the lives of our defenders and successfully moving forward. I’m sure we’ll win— said the Head of the Crimea.

At the end of the interview, Sergei Aksyonov wished prosperity to Russia and its citizens.

We support our Leader, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the guys who are doing their military duty in the special operation zone. We will definitely win, because we are Russians and we are following our historical path— added the Head of the Republic of Crimea.

Video interview — link

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