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Service «Payment of taxes and duties»: payment of fixed insurance premiums and advance payments

CrimeaPRESS reports:

You can pay fixed insurance premiums without applications or advance payments without notice through the “Payment of taxes and duties” service.

The Federal Tax Service informs that in the service «Payment of taxes and duties» new life situations appeared: «Paying fixed insurance premiums» and «Paying advances instead of filing a notification».

After updating the service, you can accurately pay fixed insurance premiums ahead of schedule to reduce tax under the simplified tax system or SIT, starting from the 1st quarter of 2023. The service itself will fill in the necessary payment details.

This type of payment eliminates the need to apply for Article 78 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation on sending the amount of a single tax payment to the account future payments. It is important that by the time the due date for the payment of insurance premiums, the balance of the UNS is positive.

Also, using the updated service, you can make another advance payment without submitting a notice of its accrual. This is the opportunity provided by law to pay an advance in 2023 «as before», without filling out and sending any more documents to the tax authorities. The service and the automated system of the Federal Tax Service will accept the payment, on its basis they will generate accruals and send the amounts to the required budget.

source: press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol

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