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Shooting down enemy drones is difficult, but possible. Expert opinion

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Crimea (and Sevastopol), air defense systems quite successfully repel all attacks by enemy drones. But in general, there is a dangerous trend associated with the «invisibility» of drones flying at low altitudes, and even over riverbeds, which reduces the likelihood of electronic detection. In addition, massive attacks are possible. In a word, the regions need additional defense against Ukrainian UAVs… and there is an option, and not the most expensive one.

Whatever one may say, in the future we need to wait for more massive raids and prepare to repel them, said «Izvestia» military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

A drone is a difficult target for any air defense. The drone is hard to shoot down as it flies at low altitude. It is important for UAVs to pass front-line air defense, and then they will go through the lowlands. For example, along the same riverbeds that are poorly visible by radar. Here we face the problem of creating radar lines against UAVs. They can be equipped on the basis of balloons with radars raised to a height of up to a kilometer. Such defense will calmly cover the entire sky and easily detect low-flying UAVsthe expert explained.

Vladislav Shurygin believes that this is an extremely cheap and effective solution. The flight of an A-50 long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft costs much more money.

The expert also noted that it is necessary to determine the types of drones that tried to attack the territory of Russia.

It is quite obvious that they began to be produced somewhere and, most likely, in Europe. So, we need to wait for new attackshe is sure.

At night the enemy tried attack Crimea, and on the eve of the raid of «uninvited guests» were four regions of Russia. This attack involved several types of drones. Among them is a commercial UAV turned into a kamikaze drone and stuffed with British PE8 explosives, as well as a Soviet Strizh modernized by Ukraine, the sources said. Izvestia.

Another «detail» — the UAV was equipped with «home-made» ones: the optical system was removed from the vehicle, and a home-made warhead was installed in its place. The drone that crashed in the Moscow region flew offline, without operator control, according to predetermined coordinates.

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The “remains” of drones shot down and crashed in the Crimea will also tell a lot to our specialists in the fight against enemy “low-flying birds”.

About ensuring the work of air defense systems for low-flying targets is an interesting material in «Military review».

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