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Simferopol fountains will work until mid-October

Simferopol fountains will work until mid-October

CrimeaPRESS reports:

With the onset of autumn, Simferopol residents increasingly ask questions about the operation of city fountains. How long will they continue to please residents and guests of the capital, as well as who is involved in the maintenance of the structures, said the head of the Department of Municipal Services of the Simferopol Administration Roman Gusynin.

We made the fountain on Kuibyshev as part of the landscaping in 2021. That is, it has been working for two years now. This year there were several technical malfunctions: a pipe was leaking, there were breakdowns of the water supply sensor,” commented Roman Gusynin.

According to him, the fountains are planned to work until October 15, but everything depends on the weather.

Simferopol fountains will work until mid-October

Photo: Simferopol administration.

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