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Solution: plots from negligent gardeners will not be seized

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Government, reports Russian newspaper, did not support the bill proposing to introduce a procedure for withdrawing plots from ownerless gardeners. The criteria for what to consider mismanagement were planned to be prescribed separately. But for now, the issue has been put on hold.

The initiative was sent for recall to the government of the country by the Samara Provincial Duma. In fact, experts say, there is a problem. On the one hand, countless plots of land are overgrown with weeds in many regions. On the other hand, some gardeners are so enterprising that they put, for example, a car service on the site. However, according to the law, both mismanagement and entrepreneurial activity in a summer cottage are violations. De jure, this means that the land is not used for its intended purpose.

Therefore, the initiative provides for the possibility of seizing such plots in court if they are not used for horticulture or horticulture for three or more years in a row.

Government experts noted that, firstly, the law still obliges to use garden and garden plots for their intended purpose. Theoretically, if a summer resident has not struck a finger on his site for a long time, he can still be fined today. Rosreestr monitors the intended use of land: monitoring is carried out, including with the help of drones.

At the same time, and secondly, the Civil Code does not provide for the forced seizure of garden and garden plots due to their non-use for their intended purpose. And without amendments to the Civil Code, it is impossible to raise the question of their withdrawal. But these are more technical remarks. The main thing is that the authors of the project have not yet convinced the representatives of the government that such norms are needed at all. Additional justifications are required.

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Nevertheless, many experts are sure that this issue has not yet been fully resolved.

source: Russian newspaper

Penalties for non-use of sites for their intended purpose can be canceled

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