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Someone considers the demolition of the gate in one of the Yalta courtyards a “mistake”, and the authorities assure: everything is according to the law

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Putting things in order, especially in the «intricacies» of Yalta courtyards, outbuildings, fences, gates, parking lots, stoppers, barriers, is a difficult process, and for some it is painful. Especially when fences and gates are already with history and seem to be familiar … And demolition, that is, dismantling, in any case, will cause, if not a conflict, then discrepancies, for sure. The story with the demolished gates of the pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was illuminated by the channel «Mash on the wave».

Naturally, people consider the dismantling «arbitrary». But the same story is interpreted in the Yalta administration in an absolutely opposite way. The following comment was circulated in the media today:

Information published in the media about the demolition of the “gate by mistake” by the administration is not true Specialists of the Department of Municipal Control went to the site. It was found that houses number 7 on the street. Makarenko and No. 7 on the street. Shiryaev are adjacent, the adjacent territory has not been formed and belongs to the lands of the municipality. Permits for the installation of fences were not issued, so the facility was dismantled. (Reason: regulation on the dismantling (demolition) of non-stationary trade and other non-stationary objects on the territory of the municipality of the city district of Yalta of the Republic of Crimea, approved by the Resolution of the Administration of the city of Yalta dated April 6, 2020 No. 843-p).

We remind you that the unauthorized installation of fences is a violation of the Rules for Improvement. Administrative liability is provided for such facts (Article 3.11 of the Law of the Republic of Crimea dated June 25, 2015 No. 117-ZRK / 2015 “On Administrative Offenses in the Republic of Crimea”). In case of re-installation of unauthorized fencing, a protocol on an administrative offense will be drawn up.

Well, the fact that not every fence is legal — we have long understood. As they say, the administration of Yalta forces to restore order in all these «intricacies» that have been developing on the South Coast for many years. There, after all, if you dig … Another thing is whether it is always worth demolishing everything «inconsistent», huh?

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