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Stolen Carrara marble vases returned to Livadia Palace

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Stolen at the end 2001 of the year from the territory of the Livadia Palace, vases made of valuable Carrara marble were found and returned to the former estate of the Romanovs. It is reported by Tourist Portal of Crimea. The surviving decorative elements are handmade in Italy. As it turned out, they were very close to the palace-museum.

Once upon a time, marble vases adorned the retaining wall under the buildings of the House of Baron Fredericks and the Svitsky House on the territory of the palace. In total there were 16, employees of the palace-museum say. The theft of valuable items happened more than years ago. Then the staff of the Livadia Palace Museum sent out requests to various departments, hoping that the perpetrators would be punished and valuable items returned.

In addition to vases, 9 more valuables were included in the list of disappeared from the territory. Among them is “an amazingly beautiful carved marble table (60-s of the 19th century), which was under the age-old plane tree of the House of Baron Frederiks”, “ the balustrade of the famous «Turkish gazebo», which is a symbol of Livadia and depicted on numerous avenues and postcards (architect I.A. Monighetti, 16-s. XIX century)”, “a unique fountain with jasper inserts, located in the center of the pergola, made under the first owner of Livadia, Emperor Alexander II (architect I.A. Monighetti, 16-ies of the 19th century). The list included several more benches made of metal and marble, fountains and decor elements of the park objects.

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One stolen vase was returned to the Livadia Palace thanks to the rector of the Exaltation of the Cross Church, Archpriest Father Dmitry (Gotskalyuk). The object, darkened from time to time, stood in the courtyard of the Romanov family’s home church, which is part of the Livadia Palace and Park Museum-Reserve.

A fragment of the second vase was seen on private property by the museum’s administrator, Anna Gethenska. She said that the product was covered with earth, but its exclusivity was read by the protruding fragment.

Now both fifty-kilogram vases are in the museum. Restorers will work on restoring their appearance. Experts date the items to the 19th century and suggest that the items are older than the Livadia Palace. One version: they were brought here for the ancient museum of Count Potocki, whose estate was on the lands before.

The Livadia Palace Museum assumes that the rest of the stolen items have most likely already been sold on the black market. As the head of the organizational department of the Livadia Palace Museum Vladislav Ilyenko noted, a similar vase was put up for sale on one of the Internet trading platforms for a price of about 1.5 million rubles.

The vases found and returned will take a prominent place in the Livadia Palace after restoration.

В Ливадийский дворец вернулись похищенные вазы из каррарского мрамора

Photo: Livadia Palace-Museum.

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