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SuperJob found out the difference between cat and dog lovers in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

SuperJob analysts have put together some funny facts about how different cat and dog lovers are. Animal lovers from the Crimea took part in a comic survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

Is there a relationship between our addictions to representatives of the animal world, our tastes, behavioral patterns, culinary weaknesses? SuperJob asked economically active Crimeans who they like more — cats or dogs, and then analyzed the differences between cat people and dog people according to several characteristics:

  • Outlook on life. Optimists are in the majority, but among dog fans there are slightly more of them than among cat lovers (70 and 60%, respectively).
  • Personal space. There are more introverts among cat people (73 and 55%): «I’m also a sociopath, besides.» Dog lovers are more often drawn in the company: “I love people, children. Everything alive! I can’t live alone. This is my biggest fear.”
  • Daily biorhythms: “owls” and “larks”. Cats often “kick” at night, and there are more “owls” among their lovers than among dog lovers (67 and 52%).
  • Culinary tastes. There are more tea lovers among cat people (59%), coffee — among dog people (52%). Fans of cats often prefer herring “under a fur coat” (46%), dog lovers prefer Olivier salad (61%).
  • Christmas tree. The vast majority are artificial. Every fifth cat lover and every sixth dog lover installed a natural tree.

Time: 1— December 2022 of the year

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