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Support measures: notaries will come to hospitals to the participants of SVO

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Board of the Federal Notary Chamber «Russian newspaper», decided to introduce new support measures for participants in the special military operation and their families. For a number of important notarial acts, they are 100 percent exempt from fees for the provision of legal and technical services.

Thus, benefits have been introduced for military personnel who have been injured and are being treated in hospitals and other military medical institutions., — say in the FNP. — They are completely exempt from paying for services of a legal and technical nature for three types of notarial acts: certification of the equivalence of an electronic document to a document on paper, transfer of electronic or paper documents to individuals and legal entities (except for transfer in person against receipt), as well as certification of the accuracy of copies of documents, certifying identity.

As experts explain, the specified set of services may be required, for example, for filing applications for certain public services, insurance compensation, as well as for solving other pressing legal issues. “At the same time, the notary’s visit to the place of treatment of a CBO participant is free,” the notary emphasizes.

Benefits for military personnel and members of their families is another initiative decision of the notaries, which fully meets the current tasks of the state’s social policy. This is a common contribution of the entire notarial community. Help that notaries can provide here and now to the heroes defending the interests of our country, and their families in need of support— notes the President of the FNP Konstantin Korsik.

Recall that immediately after the start of the special operation, the Federal Notary Chamber introduced support measures for internally displaced persons, which are still in effect, and with the start of mobilization, the notaries launched a system of benefits for those who went to the front. In total, notaries provided refugees and citizens called up for military service with more than 300 million rubles in benefits. Like all other socially significant projects, the initiative with the provision of benefits is implemented exclusively at the expense of notaries, without attracting budget money.

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In addition, notaries provide comprehensive legal assistance to military personnel, including those who are being treated in hospitals, personally visit the wounded, organize legal advice for members of their families; participate in various activities organized by volunteer groups. Legal assistance was almost immediately combined with charitable assistance. Over the past year, notaries across the country have sent tons of humanitarian supplies to the front.

source: «Russian newspaper»

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