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Tariffs for utility services increased in Crimea from July 1

KrymPRESS informs:

Electricity, water, garbage disposal, heating and even gas have risen in price.

Since July 1, utility services for the population have risen in price in Crimea. The corresponding decree was signed by the Head of the Republic Sergei Aksenov back in November last year.


The increase in the cost will affect the heating consumed by subscribers, water supply, sanitation, gas, electricity and household waste disposal.

Approve the limit (maximum) indices of changes in the amount of payments made by citizens for utility services in the municipalities of the Republic of Crimea for the period from January 1 2022 year to 2022 year, — it is said in the document.

It was clarified that the increase in the first six months will be zero percent — prices will rise only from July 1 2022 of the year. The time has come…

Since July 1 2022 heating has risen in price by 1.7%, gas by 9.6%, water by 1.7%, electricity by 9% and by 1.7% garbage collection, cold water and sanitation.

The most sensitive for the wallets of citizens is the rise in price of electricity, water supply (with sewerage). So, from July 1, one kilowatt-hour of electricity for the population in cities will cost 3, 61 rubles (now 3, 31), such a tariff is valid for consumption up to 33 kW. If this limit is exceeded, a kilowatt-hour will cost 4, 19 rubles. Slightly different tariffs are approved for residents of rural areas. They will pay 3.4 rubles each for consumption up to 33 kW and 4.4 24 ruble, if the consumption is up to 33 kW.

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Water: you will have to pay for 33, ruble per cubic meter. The same is the cost of water disposal services, and for subscribers of the Simferopol branch of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea «Water of Crimea» the tariff for water disposal will be , 3 rubles per cubic meter.

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