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Tavrida doubled the number of ambassadors and media ambassadors in the regions

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 3, a meeting of the regional team of the Tavrida art cluster started at the Meganom Academy of Creative Industries. Within three days, residents will get to know each other, exchange fresh ideas on the development of the creative environment in their regions and discover new opportunities for the Meganom Academy.

Ambassadors and media ambassadors of the art cluster «Tavrida» are young artists who popularize opportunities for development in creativity among the youth of their region, and also participate in the information promotion of Tavrida.ART projects. In 2022, 76 people became Tavrida.ART ambassadors, in addition, the media ambassadors program was launched for the first time — 13 representatives of the direction joined the team. In 2023, the number of new ambassadors was 96 participants, and media ambassadors — 45. All of them are representatives from 86 regions of Russia (including new regions). The participants will meet at the Meganom Academy to get to know each other personally and learn more about the main projects of the new Tavrida season. Young cultural figures, artists, public relations specialists, journalists and representatives of other media industries will be able to get a unique experience within the framework of the pilot programs of the Meganom Academy of Creative Industries. The check-in program is designed for three days and will be held in the format of continuous group trainings, practices and free communication— noted in the press service of the art cluster «Tavrida».

Tavrida doubled the number of ambassadors and media ambassadors in the regions Tavrida doubled the number of ambassadors and media ambassadors in the regions Tavrida doubled the number of ambassadors and media ambassadors in the regions

The ambassadorship program allows young artists to also become participants in educational races as residents, coordinators or volunteers, apply for a grant, prove themselves in castings and use other opportunities of the art cluster. In addition, participation in the program provides an opportunity to become co-organizers of Tavrida projects, gain experience in implementing large-scale events, such as the Tavrida.ART festival in Crimea, as well as improve public speaking skills and learn how to fully manage an information campaign. Ambassadors of previous years often receive job offers in youth projects in their region, some have successfully joined the Tavrida.ART project team

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The team of ambassadors and media ambassadors in 2023 was joined by participants, coordinators, volunteers, experts and project organizers of the Tavrida art cluster of previous years. To do this, it was necessary to submit an application on the official website of the project, record a video business card and complete a creative task.

The program is being implemented from March 3 to December 20, 2023.

Reference Information:

«Tavrida.ART» is a platform of opportunities that helps young people realize their professional potential in culture and art. Organizer — ANO «Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives». «Tavrida.ART» is included in the federal project «Youth of Russia» of the national project «Education» and is implemented with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Tavrida began its history in 2015, when it received the status of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. For eight years, the project has been transformed into a single art cluster.

source: press service of the art cluster «Tavrida»

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