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Telegram-channel «Rybar»: Russian ship «Ivan Khurs» was attacked in the Black Sea early in the morning

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This early morning (at 5:30 Moscow time), the Russian reconnaissance ship of Project 18280 Ivan Khurs was attacked by three naval drones after passing through the Bosphorus Strait. This is reported by the Telegram channel «Fisherman» military blogger Mikhail Zvinchuk (until now we have had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the information he disseminates).

According to preliminary information, our sailors were attacked 40 miles north of the strait, in the southern part of the Black Sea, in neutral waters.

The attack was successfully repulsed, according to initial reports, the ship received no damage.

Judging by the activity of NATO aviation (more precisely, its practical absence), there is reason to believe that the drones were launched from a commercial civilian vesselwrites «Rybar».

Voenkor Yuri Kotenok suggestedthat the «grain corridor» was used to attack the Russian ship.

«Fisherman» fends off:

The grain deal has nothing to do with it: our ship was attacked outside the corridor of the «Black Sea Initiative».

There is no official data from the RF Ministry of Defense on this (possible) incident in the Black Sea yet.

A little about our ship.

Ivan Khurs became the second ship of project 18280. This is a series of reconnaissance ships being built at the Severnaya Verf plant for the Russian Navy. They provide communications, manage the fleet and perform special tasks. The laying of the ship, named after Vice Admiral Ivan Kuzmich Khurs, head of the intelligence department of the Main Staff of the USSR Navy, took place in November 2013. The launch took place in May 2017. In June 2018, Ivan Khurs officially became part of the Navy. It is based in the Black Sea Fleet. Earlier it was reported that by 2025 the Russian Navy will receive at least two more ships of this project.

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Telegram-channel By data NATO, the ship is designed to provide communications, combat control of operational formations of the Russian fleet, electronic warfare and reconnaissance. Western sources also suggest that one of the main tasks of Ivan Khurs is to monitor the actions and electronic countermeasures of the American Aegis missile defense system in Europe, which is provided by US Navy missile defense destroyers.

In November 2019, it became known that the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship, having passed the Black Sea straits, entered the Mediterranean Sea.

The displacement of the ship «Ivan Khurs» is about 4 thousand tons, the cruising range is over 8 thousand nautical miles. Its length is about 100 meters, width — 16 meters, speed — 20 knots. The composition of the onboard radio-technical armament of the ship is classified.

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