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The authorities have simplified the terms of preferential mortgages. What are we talking about?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Government, reports «Russian newspaper»softens the conditions of preferential mortgage programs. The decisions affect parents with disabled children, as well as participants in a special military operation and those mobilized.

The President designated the improvement of the living conditions of citizens as one of the unconditional priorities of the state. Several mortgage programs with state support operate to help people at once, and the government is constantly improving their rules in order to increase the availability of soft loans.

At a government meeting, Prime Minister Mishustin announced the expansion of the Family Mortgage. “Parents raising children with disabilities will be able to apply for it to buy ready-made housing on the secondary market if there is no construction of apartment buildings in their region,” he said. In addition, now the funds of the «Preferential», «Family», «Far Eastern» and IT-mortgages can be directed to the purchase of finished housing from closed-end investment funds.

Parents of disabled children will be able to get a preferential mortgage to buy housing on the secondary market if there is no construction of apartment buildings in the region

A separate decision of the government concerns the participants of the special military operation and the mobilized.

The guys are now serving, and it is important to free them from the need to deal with formalities, Mikhail Mishustin emphasizes.

Those of them who have previously taken a loan under the “Preferential Mortgage” program for the construction or purchase of a private house will be given a delay in registering the rights to it. Participants of the Far Eastern Mortgage will retain the terms of the interest rate, as well as the opportunity later than under standard conditions to register in the purchased or built residential premises.

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source: «Russian newspaper»

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