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The chief policeman of Sevastopol was appointed to one of the new subjects of the Russian Federation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

By decree of President Vladimir Putin, the head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Sevastopol, Pavel Gishchenko, was appointed to a position in one of the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Gishchenko himself announced this today during a press conference. According to him, the decree on his appointment to a new position was signed by the Head of State “just now.”

I consider the new appointment as a great confidence on the part of the country’s leadership and the Minister of Internal Affairs. I understand the enormous, colossal responsibility for the creation and formation of a new territorial body of internal affairs, which falls on my shoulders. As a Russian officer, as a general, I will do everything to justify the trust , — said Gishchenko.

The head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs quoted one of the orders of the Chief of Police of the Sevastopol City Administration, Captain Bocharov, who, during his two years of service in Sevastopol, considered increasing the efficiency of the service and strengthening the authority of the police as his main tasks:

I consider it a duty of justice to note that over these two years the service and moral level of the police officers has risen to a significant height, and to make sure that all my employees in the difficult field of the police service put a lot of painstaking, fruitless work in order to get their due the height of the police of the Sevastopol City Administration, glorious for its historical past. Despite the fact that more than 110 years have passed since then, these words can be repeated today.

Colonel Alexander Mikhailov, who previously held the position of first deputy, will temporarily act as head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Sevastopol.

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