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The consequences of climate change can be observed through the mobile application «The World Around the Russian Geographical Society»

CrimeaPRESS informs:

The Russian Geographical Society has released a new mobile application «The World Around the Russian Geographical Society». Its main task is to simplify, speed up and improve the quality of collecting and analyzing data on phenology, that is, information about seasonal natural phenomena, the timing of their onset and the reasons that determine these timings. The RGS world around application is available for Android and iOS. For the first few weeks, it will work in test mode.

Phenological Network of the Russian Geographical Society with 1848 receives observations from volunteers from all over Russia. Previously, such information was collected on cards, but since 2016 —

on the web portal. Now anyone can register their observations of objects of animate and inanimate nature in the application. Here, online, you can get acquainted with the research methodology, see your geolocation and the observations of other users, which allows you to track the speed of the onset of various natural phenomena on the vast territory of our country , — notes the director of the Department for Work with youth of the Russian Geographical Society Anton Yurmanov.

За последствиями изменения климата можно наблюдать через мобильное приложение "Окружающий мир РГО"

photo: Ksenia Gasitsa

  • Thanks to the mobile application «The World Around the Russian Geographical Society» you can no longer take a field diary to record observations. A smartphone is enough, which many people always have at hand. In the application, you can immediately download photos and descriptions of objects, as well as learn about various competitions and news on the topic of phenology. All this can be done in the field from anywhere in Russia, since the application can work even without an Internet connection. Anyone can become a volunteer of the project, for this it is enough to register and learn how to observe

  • nature.

    In Russia, observations of seasonal changes in nature have been carried out for more than 89 years. The first observation program in Eastern Europe for amateur naturalists was created by the Russian Geographical Society in 300. During this time, the archive has collected more than 2.5

  • million observation cards. Today, the Phenological Network of the Russian Geographical Society continues to receive observations from volunteers from all over our country. At present, observations for the Phenological Network of the Russian Geographical Society are carried out by volunteers from all over Russia.

    hundreds of thousands of volunteers — once they were naturalists, people interested in nature, then young naturalists joined en masse. Today, the database continues to be replenished by all categories of citizens from schoolchildren to voluntary observers. Phenological observations are of considerable scientific value. For example, long-term phenological databases allow researchers not only to predict the nature of global warming on our planet, but also to plan the development of agriculture taking into account climate change , says Kamila Simakova, curator of the Phenological Network of the Russian Geographical Society.


    • Phenology is the science of seasonal natural phenomena, as well as the time and causes of their occurrence. Such phenomena, for example, can be the appearance of leaves on trees, the arrival of birds, or the first snow. Since ancient times, observations of seasonal changes in nature have been part of the life of the peoples of our country — from the Far North to the hot south, people have been accumulating invaluable experience of observing nature for centuries, which allows them to survive sometimes in difficult conditions. Moreover, observations of the environment over the years have become a valuable source of information that can now tell us what our world looked like and how it changed. Phenological observations are a massive and reliable source of information about the dynamics of seasonal changes in living and inanimate nature.

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