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The Crimean delegation will leave for Syria in June to still create a joint shipping company

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The authorities of Crimea are planning a working trip of the delegation of the region to Syria in June to discuss the supply of products and attract students from the Arab country to the peninsula. This was reported TASS Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov.

The working trip of the Russian interdepartmental delegation to the Syrian Arab Republic is scheduled for June 2023. As part of the trip, the Crimean delegation plans to continue working with suppliers of Syrian products to supply them to Russia. It is also planned to carry out work to attract Syrian students to study at the Crimean Federal University (KFU) named after. IN AND. Vernadsky, on the development of previously reached agreements between KFU and the University of Latakia and on establishing relations between KFU and the University of Damascus. Work will continue on the creation of a joint Crimean-Syrian shipping companyKonstantinov said.

According to him, it is expected that the delegation will include representatives of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, the Permanent Mission of the Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, KFU, the Crimean-Syrian trading house Sodruzhestvo, and the Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Crimea and Syria are connected partnershipsIn particular, in October 2018, a delegation from the Russian region led by the head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov, visited Damascus. The Syrian side in different years made return visits to Simferopol and Yalta. Agreements on trade and economic cooperation and cooperation in the field of tourism have been concluded, meetings of a joint Russian-Syrian working group are being held.

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Crimea last year visited Syrian delegation led by Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil. Crimean-Syrian cooperation is developing, but not at the pace that was declared even 4 years ago. The same joint shipping company was to earn back in 2019.

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