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The details of the owners of the property were classified. This will make it difficult to conduct transactions — experts say

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Since March 1, personal data of property owners has been classified in Russia. This means that during a real estate transaction, an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate with the data of the owner of the object will not be available to anyone except him. And although Rosreestr assured that the innovation, on the contrary, will make the market more transparent and safer, the participants in transactions will now have to try to get an extract. And without it, the bank will not transfer money from the letter of credit to the seller.

Real estate owners can leave their data available to third parties, but for this you need to submit an application to Rosreestr (through the website of Rosreestr, the MFC or the Unified Portal of Public Services).

Prior to this, for example, Sberbank received an extract automatically as soon as a transaction was completed. Now this option has been shifted to customers. At least in part, Business FM was told in the letters of credit department of the central Sberbank. The editors turned there under the guise of a potential buyer of an apartment:

— You provide documents to the bank after registration. If there is an electronic registration, if there is an electronic address in the letter of credit, the bank has the right to receive electronic statements from you personally, from your personal addresses. If it is necessary for the bank to request, you from the employee, when you open a letter of credit, agree to receive statements by the bank. This entire procedure is known to the employee. And one moment. If you apply through the MFC, be sure to indicate to the employee that a second sellers statement is required, because from March 1, only the buyer will be issued an extract, if you do not make a note.

— How long does it take to do this through the MFC?

— Registration up to seven days. With the transition to this system, there is a possibility that there will be a delay in registration. This is according to Rosreestr.

Business FM also turned to Sberbank’s Domclick service with a question about obtaining an extract from the USRN. And got a similar response:

Statements are now getting harder than before. Previously, we ordered it ourselves — Rosreestr sent us under an agreement, but now it will be necessary for the seller to either independently order this statement through the MFC, or through the State Services with enhanced electronic signatures. Or he goes to the «Gosuslugi» and confirms the consent to provide data to the USRN for «Domklik» and to the processing of personal data.

That is, now either the client himself must go to the MFC and order an extract, and then personally come to the bank with paper to confirm the transaction, which means an increase in the number of visitors to bank branches and lengthening the transaction time, or use online services.

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Although all this, as they promise, will take place under the supervision and guidance of bank employees, it is highly likely that at first both the services themselves and the employees will have errors.


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