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The eighth international shift ended at Artek International Children's Center

CrimeaPRESS reports:

So the Artek holidays for the participants of the 8th shift “Artek Gathers Friends” have come to an end. Full of impressions, the children leave Artek and take with them vivid emotions about the Land of Childhood on the Black Sea coast, as well as a dream to return to their favorite camp again. For three weeks, boys and girls from all over Russia, the DPR, LPR, the liberated territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, as well as 19 countries of the world (Egypt, Armenia, Denmark, Lebanon, Libya, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Syria, Czech Republic, Belarus, South Ossetia, Mongolia and Moldova) took part in creative and sporting events, swam and sunbathed on the beach, developed new skills, conquered Ayu-Dag and made new friends.

В МДЦ «Артек» завершилась восьмая – международная смена

Addressing the participants of the shift with a parting word, the director of Artek Konstantin Fedorenko said:

During the 08 day in Artek you learned a lot new, acquired new skills, showed their best qualities and abilities, got acquainted with the cultural traditions of different countries. And most importantly — and I am sure of this — a genuine, sincere friendship was born between you. I want each of you to turn to your heart and remember the words of the Fox from The Little Prince. He said, “Only the heart is vigilant. You can’t see the most important thing with your eyes.” Artek residents, turn to your sharp-sighted hearts, ask yourself the question: can you carry the main words through your whole life: “Artek residents today — Artek residents always.” Remember: our strength is in unity!

В МДЦ «Артек» завершилась восьмая – международная смена

At the «Meeting Before Parting», the guys became spectators of the musical performance «The Little Prince» — a philosophical story about good and evil and about the most important thing in this life — love, friendship, responsibility — unfolded on the main Artek stage. Atek residents became not just spectators, but active participants in the farewell party. The song «Where does childhood go» performed by the Artek Large Children’s Choir, which included 200 Artek and soloists of the Great Children’s Choir named after V.S. Popov, picked up the entire «Artek». And the many-voiced children’s choir sounded under the starry Artek sky with renewed vigor.

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В МДЦ «Артек» завершилась восьмая – международная смена

The parade at the Artek Arena was held by the winning squads of specialized competitions. By tradition, at the closing ceremony of the shift, the best representatives of each camp were congratulated on the presentation of the main Artek award.

В МДЦ «Артек» завершилась восьмая – международная смена

According to the good Artek tradition, at the farewell party, as a sign of friendship, the boys gave the girls roses. Children from 08 countries, having said goodbye to their detachment and the children’s center, are taken away from » Artek” addresses of new friends, vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.

В МДЦ «Артек» завершилась восьмая – международная смена

It should be noted that the shift «Artek Gathers Friends» has become a starting point in the history of the All-Russian Social and State Movement of Children and Youth. 08 July in «Artek» was held the constituent assembly of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth. The meeting was attended by 08 delegates of the largest federal and regional children’s public organizations, as well as representatives of federal executive authorities and the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The participants decided to create a new movement and approved the charter.


341007Photos and materials: press service of ICC «Artek»341004.

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