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The head of the administration of Sudak promised to repair the school and open new kindergartens

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the village of Dachnoye, Sudak city district, the overhaul of the school will be completed by September 1. Konstantin Podsevalov, head of the administration of Sudak, spoke about this live, organized by the Center for Regional Management of the Republic of Crimea.

He noted that now schoolchildren of Dachny go to study in Sudak. They were placed in two schools.

The school renovation project was completed in 2016. We updated the design and estimate documentation and drew up a new schedule with the contractor with delivery on July 25, 2023. Work on site is underway. A new roof has been made. Now the contractor is working on the facade and inside the premises. We will do our best to ensure that schoolchildren of Dachny go to their native school on September 1— said Konstantin Podsevalov.

In addition, he noted that in the near future it is planned to open a new kindergarten for 260 places in the village of Dolinnoye. Also, according to the schedule, the construction of a kindergarten in the Yany-Maale quarter is underway.

We, as the administration, control the construction of a kindergarten for 140 children in the Yany-Maale quarter. According to the contractor, construction will be completed in December 2023. After the commissioning of the object, we will have to obtain all the necessary documents, a license. I think that in 2024 the children will go to a new kindergarten— stressed the head of the administration of Sudak.

Also, on the air, organized by the Regional Management Center of the Republic of Crimea, Konstantin Podsevalov spoke about the repair and grading of roads, street lighting, the creation of sports facilities and answered other questions that concern the residents of Sudak.

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Full broadcast recording available link.

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