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The head of the Crimea appealed to the defenders of Russia

CrimeaPRESS informs:

Defending the Motherland is the most important and holy mission that exists on earth.

Address of the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov to the defenders of Russia.

Dear countrymen, defenders of Russia!

In Crimea, as in all regions of our country, partial mobilization began. This is a forced, necessary and the only possible decision that our President made.

It’s no secret that today it is not Ukraine that is at war with Russia, but the entire NATO bloc and the entire collective West. They do not hide their goals — this is the destruction of our country. In fact, we are defending our right to be ourselves, our right to life.

An attack on Donbass would inevitably be followed by an attack on Crimea. There is no doubt about this. A special military operation averted the 1941 scenario of the year.

But our enemies did not abandon their plans. Therefore, I want to say to everyone who has received or will receive a summons from the military registration and enlistment office: you are protecting your home, your family, your Fatherland. You protect our brothers and sisters from terror and genocide, just as Russia once defended Crimea.

I understand the anxiety and concern of your family and friends.

Dear wives and mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers!

I beg you to understand that we have no other way out today than partial mobilization. Unfortunately, this war was imposed on us. Your support symbolizes a strong rear, without which our Victory is impossible.

For my part, I want to assure you that I keep under personal control all issues related to the equipment, equipment of our fighters, and support for families. No one will be left without attention, we will do everything necessary and possible for each of our defenders. This concerns not only material, but also moral support, respectful attitude in society towards the soldiers-liberators.

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Dear comrades!

Protecting the Motherland is the most important and holy mission that exists on earth. I am sure that you will carry out this mission with honor and dignity.

Every generation has had its trials. And every time our people came out of them even stronger and more united. So it was, is and will be!

Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, Victory will be ours!

God with us!

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