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The head of the GUR of Ukraine threatens the return of Crimea and attacks on Russian regions

KrymPRESS reports:

American readers are «huffing».

Back in -s — in the years of «heyday» and impunity of «yellow» journalism, one venerable metropolitan reporter once taught us young and zealous … The foundations of his «professional skill theory» were three whales: a loud provocative headline, sensationalism and harshness of the entire text of the material and the calculation of an undemanding, naive, or rather stupid reader. There is one principle, he said, the main thing is that “people hawal”. And this criterion was the only one — whether the news, the article «came» to the readers or not. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, -year-old Kirill Budanov, a man who ascended to the stars of generals and the «tops» of the «square» post on the foam -Maidan, a person with the manners of Gogol’s Khlestakov, a «scout» as if not too professional, but talkative, gave a sweeping interview to the publication Washington Post. And he said…

Глава ГУР Украины грозит возвращением Крыма и атаками по российским регионам

By and large, all Budanov’s theses come down to one thing: Ukraine (with the help of the United States and NATO) will win

. Yes, why is there trifles,

is already winning . The head of the GUR threatened

strikes (terrorist attacks in fact) on cities and regions of Russia. At the same time, he was afraid to admit responsibility for the explosion on the Crimean bridge, but pointedly announced the presence of Ukrainian agents in the Russian Federation. Budanov said that “

should wait for more attacks ” and that Ukraine “ there are agents working on the territory of Russia ”. Well, who would doubt, «

Crimea will be returned«. The Americans, in order to «people shaval», this thesis was put in the headline.

We must do everything to ensure that the Crimea returned home by the summer, — said Budanov.Глава ГУР Украины грозит возвращением Крыма и атаками по российским регионам

«Who are «we? Biden, Zelensky, APU, GUR, American tanks and taxpayers? Or «waiters» and other pests hiding in the Crimea and other Russian regions. The head of the GUR now «lit up» them. Budanov’s bragging now, many «agents of Kyiv», oh, how they are not happy.

There are people who plant explosives. There are unmanned aerial vehicles. Until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored, there will be problems inside Russia , Budanov said in an interview. —Глава ГУР Украины грозит возвращением Крыма и атаками по российским регионам The Kremlin should be wary of collaborators in its midst. Indeed, there are people in this territory who are very easy to work with, people who understand that Russia should be different. And we support such people.

Thank you, Mr. Budanov, it remains to print a complete list of agents with appearances, passwords, call signs and prices. And then some empty article in the Washington Post came out. No specifics. With threats against Russia, with some promises about Crimea. So we’ve all heard this over and over again. We, for sure. But the Americans … «

People hawala«, the newspaper is satisfied.

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